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Witch Hunter is about the homonimous group that does exactly what says on the tin.This revokes mainly on 3 members of that organization,Tasha Godspell,Xing Bairong and Tarras Doberg each one very diferent from the other. 
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Tasha Godspell
Tasha Godspell
  A magic gunslinger,loves making money(to the point that he shots one mate to get the reward for the mission in his place)and his sister Aria,he trained his magic with the witch Edea Florence.Has rivality with Tarras,Cooga and Ryuwan.

 Tarras Doberg
 Tarras Doberg
A Earth elemental WH,that comes from the rmost powerful and rich family of this manhwa's world.A buttmonkey and barely serious character,but still a very powerful warrior.
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