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Favorite Girls

As the name says it's my list of favorite female characters in anime and manga. It lists mine favorite character for multiple reasons, like personality, powers, importance and looks. The list is always changing and evolving according to new characters and opinion changes.

1. Michael

Blonde,hot,powerfull,polite,yandere,swordwielding. I don't care if she has a men's name,she's a angel after all.

2. Thunder Empress Arshes Nei

Strong,is a elf,has huge breasts in later volumes,have a beautiful face and is very caring about her man.I don't know how can DS prefer Yoko over her.

3. Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell

Another blonde,that is good in both forms,seens like she is one of the tribe too,seens full but in the inside she is really a very caring and sweet person.

4. Saya Takagi

Cute,smart,nice caring and gentle with ahothead side.

5. Erza Scarlet

The first red-haired,and a lady of war but is calm most times.I also like her armours and weapons.

6. Saeko Busujima

Very close to Saya in my opinion,sometimes I don't know what of them I like more.I love her personality that's caring to her friends and ruthless for her enemies.Her hair color and cut is also awesome,and her slender body is beautiful.

7. Seras Victoria

Innocent and funny and also badass and of course hot.

8. Haruna Saotome

The name says it all,she's an otome(feminine of otaku)it's not hard fimding characters that are one of us but for me she's special as she make her own manga.She also cute and hot at the same time and have the hair antennae that I like so much.And I like her pactio item.

9. Aruka Schild

Can't hate her as a character even if she's a Chronic Backstabber,she is one of the few character on Needless that isn't a loli.You gotta have green hair too.She have style and personality.And this doesn't says much but I love her fragment's name,I love Hinduism themes.

10. Aki Izayoi

Is a broken bird,knows how to dress good,a good haircut,and is the first strong female of Yu-gi-oh.

11. Mira Ackerman

Looks perfect long blond hair,blue eyes and snow white skin.

12. Seto


13. Tsukiumi

Perfect personality, I like how she feels caring toward Minato, perfect dress and boots. And of course her beautiful face, long blond hair, amazing legs and large breasts. And elemental powers are always my favorites.

14. Hakufu Sonsaku

Red-haired, almost blond on some illustrations, green eyes, buxom and with large legs, looks great on a school uniform. A bit ignorant on some subjects but not dumb. Very strong and reeincarnation of a warrior from the war of the three kinddoms. She always fight to protect those she care of.

15. Mirajane Strauss
16. Tiffania Westwood
17. Shirahoshi
18. Jewelry Bonney
19. Yomi
20. Katsuragi
21. Haruka
22. Homura
23. Daidouji
24. Chiffon Fairchild
25. Satellizer el Bridget
Destinyheroknighton Nov. 20, 2010 at 8:02 p.m.

I'll give your two Destiny thumbs up

Ryokanon Feb. 21, 2011 at 12:27 p.m.

Excellent taste ! :)
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