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I will write about one of my favorite manga,one that needs a bit more love.Code:Breaker is a Shonen Magazine manga from Akimine Kamijyo.It all starts when Sakura Sakurakouji(yes I’m not kidding)found people being burned when she comes back from school and a black haired guy and the following day,guess who’s transfered to her school.xD Yes you guessed right,his “name”is revealed to be Oogami Rei,later she tells he what she saw,so Oogami tries to kill her to keep his own secret to him,but she didn’t burn even with his blue flame.After this and other issues they start to being friends with each other.And we get to know other people of the organization,like Toki my favorite character of this manga ando f my favorite from all manga,Heike with big ego,and perverted stuff,Yuuki with his innocence,kindness and childish personality,and Rui the caring only girl of the group.

Every member of the group and the manga have a very different personality even when the character personality itself is not well know,they have a lot of diferent manerism like for example Heike likes to read bondage porn and drink tea,Yuuki likes a cartoon cat like Hello Kitty(yeah it’s true)called Nyanmaru and acts like a child most of the time,Toki is convinced,caring about his sister Nenene and perverted toward other girls,Rui is a country singer in the free time and also plays the piano.Their peculiarities usually  bring many funny moments and many rivalities between them.

The fights are very good as Expected of Akimine Kamijyo autor of Samurai Deeper Kyo,for you that didn’t read SDK(the adaptation decay filled Studio Deen doesn’t counts,and now they’re ruining Nura no Mago too) this means many diferent tecniques and lots of strategy.A good level of stength not too weak and gradually getting stronger,ok not so gradually,mainly in the last chapters,still they get owned most of the times.I will just say that recentily Oogami gained the power to use diferent types of flames like in Recca.Toki uses magnestism to trow metal and also control mercury,Yuuki uses sound noices and use the power to run very fast,Heike uses light in many diferent ways,Rui uses shadow in form of a barrier and scythe,as well to power up herself.They just don’t try to knock off their enemies using more strenght than them,but they always try to use fighting stategies in battles and exploring enemies weaknesses.

The art is very good and very stylized,who know her other works will like it very much,the characters look all diferent from other,altrough Kamijyo uses the star system and put some lookalikes to characters in her other works.Look at the first chapter of SDK and see the diference,will will not even reconise as the same art.The art decame very clean and detailed(for a weekly Shonen series).It's worths the read.

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