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Take the So You Want To Get Lucky With an Anime Chick?

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Lina Inverse 100%
Lina Inverse, the number one “Bandit Killer” is now your night’s entertainment; perfect for those of you who like to LARP in the bedroom.
Ayumu Kasuga
If a normal girl is what you want, then a normal girl is what you are going to get. Osaka might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she definitely does have her moments of brilliance. Please be gentle.
Lisa Yadomaru
Finally, a girl that likes porn as much as you do! Be wary, she might pull out her sword during sex and start playing it like a banjo.
Meru Otonashi
Even if you enjoy having phone sex, you won’t even be getting that out of Meru. You will be having texting sex, the worst of the worst. Boy are your thumbs going to be tired tomorrow.
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