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At one point or another a person becomes...well obsessed with anime or manga. That's just how addicting it is. And whether you like it or not, you start to pick up some of the vocabulary like titles [Oniichan, Baka, -san, etc] to greetings and thank you's. But are there other things we tend to pick up?

When I first began watching anime, and reading manga, there were many pictures or scenes where I would find myself thinking, no one really pushes up their glasses right before they make a snide remark, or give a small laugh at how ridiculous the person is being. And it's not necessarily just for people with glasses, the ones that don't just cover half of their face and give that small smile that can go one of two ways. Then of course they flip their hair as they look up, and-or just continue on their way. It all happens in just about EVERY series (or at least out of all the ones that I've seen.) And as I was growing up and noticing more of the world around me, I watch how this small personal habit made it into the lives of everyone I knew. Whether or not they watched/read the Japanese growing media.
Kyoya [OHSHC]      
Kyoya [OHSHC]      

But the fans seemed to have it worse.

When I brought this up with some of my friends, most of them gave me the excuse "We only do it, so when we cosplay we can be in character and get the moves right." But even after a con, they'd keep up these habits. Pushing up the glasses, giving the snide smirk, patting people on the head, even using the same "comfort lines" over and over again. But no one wants to acknowledge it yet, at least no one around me. After 5 years of being an anime/manga fan, I can honestly say, I can't watch an anime without seeing one of my ex-boyfriends, or even friends in it and not getting a bit annoyed.   

 Usui [Maid-Sama]
 Usui [Maid-Sama]

-I realize this is a bit short, and I wanted to go on, but after three days of trying to word this correctly and get what I wanted across, I gave up, and this is all I could come up wth, there may be more in the future otherwise this subject is over for now >_> - 
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