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My score was within 0 - 3, which means I am not a sufferer (but I know plenty of people who I suspect are, are you?)    
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A Floridian woman named Margaret Barbaree, head of an organization called Portect our Children, recently protested the inclusion of manga at her local library after she insisted her son "lost his mind" after reading one. Even before her sons supposed loss of sanity due to reading manga she had already protested its inclusion at the library.  The good news is that her demand for censorship doesn't seem to be working, but it is disturbing nonetheless. 
Here is the article from Anime News Network: 
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To any Canadians on Vice, I hope you have a Happy Canada Day. Our plans (family and me) are to BBQ and then we're going to a concert and fireworks show later. :]
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I have only been here a few days (and loving it), but I have read talk that AV isn't quite as active as it could be. I was wondering what we could do as an online community here to promote it that maybe we aren't doing yet.  I personally would love to see more people joining in, especially to expand the wiki. Just spreading the word by asking a couple friends I know who might be interested doesn't do much though.  What do you guys think we could do to promote the site online? 
I've brainstormed a few ideas, but I would love more, or any other feedback that anyone may want to offer. 
  • Having staff members visit the other Whiskey Media sites. I have seen some cross-pollination like this already, like Sara from ComicVine appearing in a video on Tested, and one of the guys from GiantBomb doing a guest review on the Vine. This sort of thing helps to make us more visible on the other sites and we could use the opportunity to invite people to discuss their interest in anime/manga here (and I know some of them are interested because of threads I've seen). 
  • Also, if some of us are members on one of these other sites we could get onto those forums to promote AV. This might take some creative thinking however (and not just saying: "Hey! Join us over here!"). 
  • Maybe we could find a ways to partner up with other anime and/or manga community sites in some way, in order to gain visibility.
I apologise if some of this has already been discussed or if I am stepping on anyone's toes (I realize am not a staff member or moderator or anyone like that), but I don't like to complain. If there is an issue (even just a perceived problem) then I like discussing how to solve it. :]
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