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Take the Naruto: Which Ninja Am I?

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Killer Bee 100%
You win. You are the coolest, most powerful person in existence. If only you could get over how bad your rapping skills are...
Classic, and yet still confusing. No one to this day knows exactly why you dress as a girl and flirt with little ninja boys, but you were cool. In before long series was long.
Choji Akimichi
You're not happy because you eat, you eat because you are happy. Life is good.
Sasuke Uchiha
You're the cool kid everyone likes, but they don't really understand. If the Fonz could use ninjitsu, maybe you'd have a real friend.
I have no idea who Killer Bee is. I guess I should actually get around to watching Naruto someday.
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Take the So You Want To Get Lucky With an Anime Chick?

Your Results:

C.C. 100%
Dat ass...
Haruhi Suzumiya
Having sex with god? How sacrilegious!
Motoko Kusanagi
Her heart might be made out of metal, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Be happy, she usually doesn’t sleep with men in the first place.
Clan Clang
Deculture! You are going to get lucky with a giant! On the plus side she no longer cares about your penis size.
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