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wow bleach is so crap lol
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My Most Hated Anime Character's List
Failiures in Chengs book
1. Orihime Inoue

Most useless character ever, just stand in a corner crying spamming KUROSAKI KUN I swear she said it like 32 times in a row in one episode Update - Now Most hated character, oh your the big villain, you seem to be dying so il just heal you so you can destroy the world ok ?

2. Makoto Itou

This guy is just a complete prick, hes Indecisive, selfish and greedy, completly destroying a girl.

3. Uryuu Ishida

Useless bastard who looks like a twat and nearly fucks the world up on multiple occasions for his stupid quincy pride, also who the fuck does he think he is, raising his shitty bow against soi fon and the other captains, he deserves to get raped by bankai lol

4. Mayu Miyuki

Friggin annoying little girl who is just ignorant and gets in the way of story progression between the couple, spoilt, selfish, just pisses me off. And the worse thing is shes supposed to be from england, fuck off, my 3 year old cousin can speak better english than you, if friggin anime are gonna make someone english and speak english please ffs hire someone who can speak fucking english, or at least doesnt sound like a japanese person struggling horribly. Sheash.

5. Mitsuki Hayase

Backstabbing manipulative bitch

6. Angela Burton

Shes supposed to be an american yet they got a voice actor who can barely speak english to do the voice acting, why ? its ridiculous that her english is on level bad as the japanese girl who can speak some english i mean serious FAIL also she looks weird

7. Saki Tenjoin

That laugh, that pose UGH

8. Kei Shindou

Absolute Bitch

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