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Wrath » Wraith from FullMetal Alchemist

@cfatalis said:

" @Superevil225 said:
" Wrath is definitely male.  You might mean Envy. If you do then Envy is male. "
envy is actually genderless...... "


Actually that depends on the series, in the manga/Brotherhood, Envy is genderless, but in the first anime his male.
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Just Anime » Bang Zoom! President Calling Anime Fans Thieves...*sigh*

@PenguinDust said:
" According to Mr. Sherman...

It’s true that entertainment distribution models are going to be changing dramatically. DVD may be on the way out forever, and online TV is becoming a reality very quickly. But so far, there are no successful ways to monetize online entertainment. 

And so we should all continue to support and outdated business model and repress any innovation and progress in the marketplace?  I heard these doom and gloom prophecies 20 years ago and I didn't believe them then and I don't believe them today.  The music industry tried to get us to follow that same line of bull since the internet exploded and we still have music today.  Apple seems to have found a way to monetize online entertainment.  Steam seems to have found that providing a channel for digitally distributed content can be profitable.  One of the features of both these models is centralization.  To use Mr. Sherman's analogy, supermarkets replaced small grocery stores, butchers, bakeries and dairies because people enjoyed the simplicity of one-stop shopping.  Chances are they bought more because of this, too.  Saying there is no successful way to monetize online entertainment is garbage.  He's just too lazy to do what's necessary to create a platform that appeals to a modern digital consumer.  The old adage applies, those who can not (or will not) adapt to change will die, those that can will flourish. "

and how is he going to be able to afford to radically change the way we watch entertainment? He runs a dubbing studio, his not some muti-billionare owner of Disney.
The ads for streaming are not even close to be able to replace tv ads.  For example to even make streaming worthwhile you need to get about 10,000 views.  Not to make a tv show, just to make it worthwhile to even stream something on the internet.    Only the most popular anime such as FMA: Brotherhood get that type of views.  You would probably need to have 10 million  views to make a profit on streaming alone.  That's why crunchyroll started streaming a ton of series, and then went down to only a few.  They couldn't afford to stream every series unless it had the chance to be popular. 
Right now, the anime industry is dependant on DVD/Blu-ray because they don't have the TV ads to make anime cheaper than it already is. 
Also you can buy anime and download it like steam, check out X-Box live, and PSN, I bought a couple episodes of Gurren Lagann and downloaded it to my computer.
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Just Anime » I really Dislike Gundam 00

@cfatalis said:

" @Niko: yes it is a master piece even when i like an anime , i always try really HARD to found the bad part and i only found little to no , which is in somewhat idiotic camille in the beginning, then he begin to actually show how his piloting style is which is "lockon the first"  style, then he managed to be outright awesome by RAMMING The O "

Then your not trying let's run through them , it's a  pretty good series, with excellent animation, really great battle sequences, and an amazing subplot involving Minerva Zabi, but the main plot is a mess..
1.  The Titans are nothing more than the SS in space.  Ttheir entire purpose is to be as evil as possible, they receive no real developement, nor are they interesting as people.  Overall they are one of the weaker villains and receive a fraction of the development that the Zeon did in MSG. 
2.  Good God is the Earth Federation stupid in this show.  They not only staff an entire army with a bunch of psychos they then precede to give the psychos control of everything.  Imagine if a General preceded to kill the entire population of Phoenix.  The Government than excuses the General of any wrong doing and then precedes to give him control of the entire army.  At which point the General then kills the entire population of Atlanta and Boston.  Theirs a reason why the Zeon are more popular then the Earth Federation and this shows the reason. 
3.  The main rival for most of the series, Jerid is a horrible pilot, the whole thing eventually gets to the point where they start killing each other's girlfriends.  It got so bad that Tomino just created a new character to be the final boss, and had Jerid die a pathetic death.

4.  Reccoa Londe.  I mean wow their is character derailment and then their is the borderline misogynistic plotline of Reccoa, where she get's slapped, turns evil, and then dies while basically saying that women are weak.  
So while it's a good series, it's certainly not the masterpiece that was MSG, G Gundam, or Turn A Gundam.   Which sports better villains, great battle sequences, and really good character development.  Personally I blame Tomino's breakdown for the failure as it prevented him from giving the main villains any depth that his known to.  He was just to depressed to ever use his full abilities.

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Fullmetal Alchemist » Best Version: Manga, 2003 Anime, or Brotherhood?

Anyone who wants to see why the manga/Brotherhood is better just read chapter 105.  Amazing, simply amazing, it's the fact that Hiromu Arakawa has created an ensemble cast of characters that are all badass.  When I first saw the first anime, Hohenheim came off like a complete idiot who did nothing of any real value, he was just there because he was a character from the manga, the fact that they showed the picture of him and his family was only because it contained Trisha.   
In the manga his awesome, the most powerful human being alive, the scene where the Elric brothers rally behind him to help him shield everyone from Father's attack is simply incredible, you simply did not see scenes like that, because Aikawa and Mizushima simply lacked the ability to make such a scene.  There's a reason why manga like Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, and Negima are better than manga like Bleach and Naruto and that's because the creators can use all the cast members where as Naruto and Bleach can only really imagine the main character standing alone as the hero.  It's because they create characters for little reason that Naruto and Bleach are not to the level of those three.
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Just Anime » Lelouch alive?

Ah yes, the series that brought us the line "Alice give me the drugs", and had Mao calls Shirley the "wicked witch of the west", all that I know about that comes from the Code Geass narm page at TV Tropes.
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Just Anime » Lelouch alive?

That's most likely just a Lelouch look a like, if they're going to bring back Lelouch they're going to bring him back in a sequel, that will be about 50 episodes. anime series.  I can't imagine that the upcoming Code Geass project is just going to have a manga as the centerpiece, even if it is written by the Director.

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Fullmetal Alchemist » Best Version: Manga, 2003 Anime, or Brotherhood?

uh Greed last a lot more than one chapter in the manga  

Father melted Greed down to his original Philosopher's stone and wiped his memory, which he regains when he kills Bido.  Greed has never died in the manga or Brotherhood.

Frankly their are just some things I felt that the first anime badly handled, in particular the first anime seemed to think that just because Ed was the main  character that the show must revolve entirely around Ed, with Al being reduced to a side character.   When events happened to other characters such as the child birth scene with Winry, they must happen to Ed instead.

In particular  Hughes death seems to hit Ed harder than it did with Mustang, who promptly forget about Hughes so he doesn't get in the way of Envy's over the top odepidus complex just because every villain must be some evil counterpart for Ed. 

Don't even get me started on how stupid the main villain is,I mean her ultimate goal is something the main villain of the manga mass produces, which reminds me out of every series I have seen of Seiji Mizushima every villain is a complete idiot.  I think it might be something he wants to say about evil, but good lord is his villains awful.,




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Just Anime » Lelouch alive?

The writer Ichiro Okouchi flat out states that Lelouch died.   His also stated to be dead in the official guide book as well.  So unless this changes for the upcoming sequel (which there will be since it sold so much) than his dead. 
As for whose better, the answer will always be not Lelouch.  Batman' s death toll isn't in the millions like Lelouch is.
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Fullmetal Alchemist » Best Version: Manga, 2003 Anime, or Brotherhood?

Brotherhood, frankly the first anime simply bored me a lot of times.  While I can see what they where trying, I just felt like they where simply not entertaining. 
Brotherhood on the other hand has been excellent, with great animation, and a really nice pace most of the time.  The second Greed vs. Wrath was easily better than any fight in the first series, just this intense battle between two homunculus.  You just have to love how Wrath throws Greed and while in mid air grabs his sword.  
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