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Japan Uncut is a supplemental side-series to Japan: The Series. These mostly unedited videos are either too long or too shaky to include in the numbered episodes and will be released in between them.

I'm currently working on Episode 02: Electric Town which is far more difficult to edit than Arrival was. There's so much I want to show, and putting it all together is harder than throwing together a train montage set to music. One of the places I want to show is my visit to Akihabara's SEGA GiGO arcade. You're not allowed to film inside there, so I kept the camera on and at my side which resulted in a lot of shaky, unusable footage not fit for an episode in the main series. I thought that some people might be interested in the sights and sounds of a place like this, however, so I decided to start this side-series to show off stuff like this. The first video in the series will be released later this week. It may be unwatchable for some, but hopefully implementing some image stabilization and such will help.

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