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Anyone here wargame? or Tabletop RPG?
I just got back from my leave on wargaming to get back on it, as for tabletop, meh not really often couldn't get a stable group
System that i am on or at least getting on /trying
Warhammer 40k
as for Tabletop
i used to do 3.5 ed DnD
Rogue Trader (again used to)
will try Deathwatch (once it's publicly out)
post Systems that you play on (if you have one) or Systems that you are interested into
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Yep since mekix going to do the narrative of RPG i am going to do something on character building
 first we look at the common stating , STR, SPD, INT, DUR
STR(e.g Strength stat): right so this is your basic capability to do harm, this mean in RPG unless your ability/weapon/whateverthehell says otherwise you wouldn't be able to harm people with a higher level of Durability (DUR) compared to your STR, this is one of the stat that can be forgone in some build, if you want to play the average mage, you obviously won't have too much of this, because otherwise, you would just be a warrior who can do magic durrr, so is playing a scientist, rogue, etc etc . Do describe your STR effect accordingly, if you say "I hit with maximum power" and you are a planet busting by STR give effect to the surrounding of the area like say a crater or two, also responds accordingly, if you have high STR your blow will have great effect, and you should probably take advantage of this , doing it at great detail
SPD(e.g the Speed): the all loved stat, by people who want no harm to come to their character , what is else easier than to avoid all of your opponent attack, sadly no one will want to play with you if you just keep on dodging, there's this thing called "dramatic hit" it's where you got hit by a person with lower SPD, by way of trap or projectile, describe your speed accordingly, "he moves as fast as a blur toward the enemy" is always higher than " he ran toward the enemy, striding his steps" important for rogue and the like, have a clear distinction of your speed, it's easier to respond to " he moved faster than the bullets fired at him", rather than " he moved quickly at extreme speed" WTF is Extreme speed? where is it? how fast it is?
INT ( Intelligence) : the other loved stat, why? Isn't it simpler to rip people head off? versatility is key , with INT you can make things, things that make you have the Stat like all of the above, but there's a drawback as well, choosing to have high level int can be quite hard to convince to people, you have to prove that your intelligence, by planning, by inventions and explaining them (not just LOL i have invented this out of nowhere) by being able to describe the invention in details and of course knowing crapload of things, as a result INT is the one stat that is harder to play , of course you cannot say anything of being a "genius" or "highly skilled in logic" if you can't exactly prove it 
being " Genius at the field of choice" is better and easier to be played.
DUR (Durability): be careful when doing this , surviving something over and over again when it is designed to hurt you , is called godmodding, a no no, standing back up when you are hurted is commonly a yes , but do it enough the norm and it is the above again, being hurt could add depth to your RP, as it add sense to your character, not being another wall, if you invest on Regen, you could always write on the process that you are regenerating , growing arms back is better and cooler than walking unscathed from everything ,if a blow is outside of your durability range, there shall be no question, you can't just tank the blow, this much should be obvious.
note: you don't have to jack everything to the max, although it helps if you are playing a real god/demon thing
also taking a ship cannon to the face, and being fine but dying because someone cut your head then burn your body ala twilight is not a good way to tell how Durable you are, you can't have weakness ala superman having a kryptonite, but don't just say "If someone stab me in the heart and the burn my corpse, i will die" when you can tank that universe busting blow to the body
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1. Size: you want something no larger than a 2-3 story building, the reason of this is so they don't tower and look awfully easy to shoot using heavy ordnances, you also wants to have cover when it needs one, in other word....... Geckos from MGS4, smaller is not always better, if your mecha is smaller than the missile coming to you..... well badluck. Having a Mecha this size would enable easier transport , in that they can just take place of the tanks transports, rather than all new transports something of the size obviously requires miniaturization of a lot of stuff, the most straining is the power source/engine. 

2. Engine and Power Source: a good engine is an engine that will not explode when overheated, and can run for a decent time, the operation time is measured in hour rather than distance , since the mecha is much more mobile than tank, who in the test only walks straight, backup power is also important, while you may not be able to WALK, you may still defend yourself with your arnaments 

3. have more than one of everything: Sensory? more than one ( obviously one is manual, rather reccomended), Weapon ? more than one( for different purpose rather than all huge cannons), Engine? more than one, Comm Device? more than one way 

4. Defense and Evasion maneuverability : right , the mecha since it's huge should be able to give and take hits, obviously giving is better than taking in this case, you want something so solid your enemy shall finish their ammo first , then have the look of fear in their face , which mean it should be able to take everything  personell carried (up to artillery) everything bigger, comes evasion , it should be fast enough not to get taken by locking system ( from tanks, LD automated artillery). Electornic Defense is also an important piece to bug out enemy and listen to comm chatter, so you know your priority target, see that comm oficcer calling in strikes? KILL it
Plot armor is not a viable option, walking straight to HORDES of enemy is also not reccomended 

5.Weaponry: You want one of every purpose, AP, AA, Siege, AV, and AM you should have at least one , and of course shield your ammo box don't make it show, death by your own ammo doesn't sound cool on the readings,as it stands the weapon have to have appropriate ranges , Siege being the longest, meele weapon is something that should be forgotten (what do you need it for? the design shouldn't have arms anyway)
6. Optimazation: don't need it?, THROW it , you don't exactly need humanoid arms , which mean deadweights.... Pincer manipulator ( you know like those in industry) is probably better for picking stuff, we don't need "cool", we need "practicality", reducing weight is always good, the spaces can be allocated to something else, when technology advances some more, then we can start doing something else 
7. Cost effective : if for example tanks cost 10 credits, and the mecha costs 50, then the emcha should be able to take on 10 tanks , rather than just 5, break evens doesn't produce victory, it should also be crew efficient, e.g not more than the number required to operate a tank ( e.g minimum of two), so training the personnel is faster and more effective

That should be it for the basics
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Heya does anyone here have what the title says, like say collected old phones, or walkies talkies, CB radio count
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i prefer yandere though, although...... it's very very unhealthy
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