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Real Name: Unknown 
Alias:Exlium Tempus 
Age:Unknown (He's forgotton over the years of his immortality.) 
History: Exilium was a prideful warrior in the time of the 100 years war. When he was near death, he had an experiment performed on him to replace his heart with a mystic artifact resembling that of a clock. It prevented the forces of time from ravaging his body, in fact it completely isolated him from that point on from having any physical influence over reality, that's not to say he had the power to manipulate it however. Because of this however, he was banished by "god", at the time to a plane of non-existance, a dimension between time space and matter. He was eventually able to escape after centuries of wandering and learning the dimenions rules, and broke and rewrote it into his own personal sanctuary, capable of holding him and anythign he wishes within it, though human beings cannot enter the dimension.  
In his youth he was a child of a noble who had an affair in strange objects or places. The reason he got this heart was because his father had it ordered, if at all anything, it would at least save him, little did he know it doomed him to eternity's merciless wrath. Now here, he wishes to dethrone god himself by whatever means posible, he can't really die by any other means, and there is no one he knows or would be even able to notice him, "God" doesn't let them. So in order to end his torment, he will kill him and his divine angels, even if he dies trying, because there's simply nothing left. To him, there is no good or evil, only what he wants to do, for the ideal of good and evil is a way of telling people they're doing everything right, there is no right, only what you want.  
He's quiet, yeah, call him the typical powerful cool silent type, but after being imprisoned for several centuries, talking simply doesn't come natural. He liked to build card houses in his youth, the ability to build things that had some interesting hold on his mind, it was so... enlightning. Humans could create things within hours, long projects like this, just a small card house. Yet within seconds,  they could all turn to a pile of rubble, remenants of a forgotton effort with no value. He cares not for the rules of God, or that he would disrupt balence, for there is no balence to disrupt, only what one wants and desires, for these are the only things that exist in reality.
Abilities: Temporal flaring: He has the powerful ability to rip through the boundries of dimensions to create a flux of temporal energy clashing between his dimension and reality. A hand that passes through this would have the skin or even muscle tissue skinned right off, and even the bones destroyed if it happens repeatedly, it can only be eminated from his hands, and only within a close vecinity from his hands. This is his only real weapon because he is not able to make contact with physical weapons such as swords or guns, only manipulate them. So with enough time he could isolate an item and make it so he could make physical contact, but with something like a new weapon, it simply isn't reliable. 
Time skip:By stopping his clock heart for a moment, a second goes by him entirely, skipping his very existance in both reality and infinity, in otherwords, a sword would pass right through him, or shockwave or energy beam, and he needs only think it. The problem is the clock IS his heart, he can't do this frenquently, 5-6 times in a row would exhaust him, so he needs to mediate it.  
Time manipulation: By adjusting the speed of the dial of his clock heart, he can either increase or decrease his perception of time, however, doing both ends up putting strain on the heart or causing the heart not to do it's job, so it must be done sparingly. 
History of gods:This is a last resort, as the effects are extremly devastating and taxing on his heart. He turns back the almighty internal clock of the world itself to a date that something may have occured, such as an ice age, a doomsaday, anything of the sort that happend in the past, he being unaffected by such things, has no worries, but it's so taxing he must go back to his dimension shortly to recover, or it becomes life threatening to the point that he'll lose conciousness within 5 minutes. The effects approximately 12-24 hours before the naturality of the earth returns it to normal.
Allies: Those that rebel against god. He seeks to bring an end to the cycle of corruption by the self righteous holy ones that tortured him in the most unexplainable of ways during his exile, there is no mercy for those fools, they shall be dethroned, and he will be the one to deal the blow.
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