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I'm a little fresh to the anime critiquing thing, cut me some slack. I recommend reading a bit about the anime if you want to understand my post a little better.
This anime originally hooked me with its basic concept, a girl capable of taking revenge for anyone accessing the website she operates through, the price being that the client must also go to hell after they die. In the beginning of the first season each episode was a self contained story, with no returning characters from episode to episode, save for hell girl and her assistants. This was fine for setting up the story elements, such as how the website operated and how hell girl's straw dolls were used in each persons decisions. 
 Almost half-way through the 26 episodes of the season, two new recurring characters were introduced, a journalist and his daughter. They become aware of hell girl's powers and repeatedly become involved in the cases, in an attempt to convince the victims that revenge is not the answer to their problems. This created drama between the two groups, provided many chances for character development, tied each episode together, and generally kept the plot moving. The friction between the characters escalated nicely, although the ending seemed a tad abrupt to me. A problem I repeatedly had with the series is the clear cut villains and victims throughout. Only one episode comes to mind where the evil characters were more than just faces to hate, and they explored some morally grey areas. 
Jump to season two. They do a better job keeping their antagonist's morals from being black and white, although most still are. The journalist and his daughter are gone, their story being completed. The first 2-3 episodes go back to separate stories with very little change from season 1. Around episode 4, another character is introduced. After her introductory episode, she joins hell girl without a clear reason and little comment from the established characters. I'm on 16 of another 26 episodes, and every episode since has focused more on hell girl's group investigating their clients, with extremely minor character development for the cast. Some episode's stories are more interesting than others, but with the new character almost being reduced to supporting cast and no other characters connecting each episode, the plot is going virtually nowhere. I'm not learning enough about the current characters to keep me interested in the things they do with the temporary characters. I'm starting to lose interest in the season as a whole, although I'll probably watch the rest since I'm already invested into it this far. 
Thank's for reading my first blog post. I should finish the season in a few days, and I might be back for a season wrap-up post.    
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