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Genric list of male characters who can kick Kamina's overrated butt in a straight one-on-one fight.  I'll only use one character per franchise, if i can help it. And these guys are from anime that I have finished.
I don't hate Kamina, I just simply notice that he is more funny than he is manly. 
List subject to change.
1. Kenshiro

Kamina goes blah blah blah: he is already dead. In fact, tons of dudes from Fist of the North Star could EASILY silence Kamina.

2. Duke Togo

Do I really need to explain Duke Togo to you? XD

3. Adam Blade
4. Guy Shishio

Guy's courage>Spiral Power? Debatable, I suppose.

5. L Lawliet

His mind alone could rape Kamina. Enough said.

6. Joseph Joestar

Heck, Part 3 Joseph wins in a straight fight. That says a lot.

7. Dark Schneider
8. Master Asia

Undefeated of the East, indeed.

9. Saito Hajime

When I added him, I was thinking of Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal, just to be clear (I haven't finished the RK series).

10. Geist

Kamina goes blah blah, boom! Geist knocks his head off or something, lol.

11. Sanger Zonvolt
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