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Final exams at maxed out full time university...*falls asleep*
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Favorite characters, so to speak. Subject to change.
1. Priss Asagiri

To be clear, I've added Priss from the Crisis/Crash OAVs.

2. Yoko Littner

Surprisingly, I appreciate her for her body AND beyond her body.

3. Raoh
4. Lain Iwakura
5. Allenby Beardsley
6. Guy Shishio
7. Roger Smith
8. Saki
9. Noa Izumi
10. Naomi Armitage
11. Jotaro Kujo
12. Adam Blade
13. L Lawliet
14. Leona Ozaki
15. Eiko Magami
16. Saki Morimi
17. Yohko Asagiri
18. Geist
19. Captain Nemo
20. Satellizer el Bridget
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