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This is it. The last volume of the manga, blah blah blah. Wow, active since 2007. Anyway, here are some spoilers that assume that you, the reader, have already finished the TV show and/or the two movies. This volume goes from chapters 57-64 (and the epilogue).

- The suicide mission from ep. 25: Kiyal tries to go for it, but Kittan ain't having any of that.

- Later, Kiyal has a moment to whack Anti-Spiral up a notch, for like a minute.

- Super TTGL from the second movie appears.

- But nope, no fist fight for Simon vs. Anti-Spiral.

- Before the wedding, who is this? Adiane's daughter or sister? 0_0

- In the epilogue, who is this at the grave site? Kiyoh or Anne?

And here are lazy made scans by me. If you have higher quality scans, please share! :)

For me,

Best volumes: Three and Five.

Worst volume: One

And with that, any questions?

"You can go your own way. (Don't go away).

You can call it anither day." - Fleetwood Mac

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It's been forever since I blogged XD Anyway, this volume covers the general range of episode 23 to the first part of 25. Basically, I shall share some pics, trimmed from scans that I made today. This is pretty much a sample of the manga volume, with scenes that stick out to me. Covered chapters are 50-56.


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So, where are chapters 31-36, you ask? I don't have the volume that contains them. I will get to them later. 
Anyway, I have the Jan. 2011 edition of Dengeki Daioh (costs me $13) which contains what I wish to share. 
In this chapter: 
Pictures of scenes that stick out to me: 

  Hopefully, I'll get volume 6 soon and write about that. 
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Once again, I fail to bring a camera to take a pic of something and show it off. Anyway, I went to Nickel City, which is an arcade not too far from my house, last night. It may not be the best arcade around, but when I was younger, it was more or less "church" for me, as I went there every Sunday morning for over a year or two. Good times, good times. So I occasionally visit the place from time to time, although I never watch the all ages concerts that are held every once in a while. To get to my point, I happened upon a "Guitar Hero" cabinet, that costs not nickels to play, but QUARTERS. Yeah, George Washington coins, I kid you not. So what is next, I don't know. I can only hope that this GH piece is the only one of its kind at Nickel City. Otherwise, the name of the place will have to be modified. Something like that. 
Nickels, quarters, or tokens, oh my! Any questions or comments? 
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Yeah, I do complain from time to time about my old eMac in my room. But yesterday, mom helped me get a new, non-Mac laptop from Fry's. I'm liking it so far, even though it isn't the most powerful thing in the world. Pretty soon this laptop should be able to replace my old eMac, yay! Note to self: get the mail-in-rebate done ASAP Also, get a separate mouse.. I guess I'll post some pics. 

Any questions or suggestions?
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