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wow the ending for Gantz is naf!
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Hey Guys. It was my birthday on the 10th of august and as a present I was given a box set with the death note live action film. (all the characters are real not anime) And I just thought I should say some stuff about it. If you guys haven't checked it out yet then basically imagine the death note anime but make it with real people and make it so it covers all the key events but misses out all the nice little extra's. Then that is the live action film. It completely skipped out the part where Light picks up the death note. And it never shows him killing anyone just how he managed to manipulate people. And to top it all off the Japanese actors/actress' were also terrible. It just seemed like a primary school play that they do at Christmas only with CGI gods of death. However decpite me ranting about how terrible it was. I reccomend you pick it up if you haven't. It's a good thing to have in the collection. I have only watched the one DVD out of four. I am not sure if it was the one I should have watched first because I just picked one. So tomorrow I will do another blog about the other cd's. 
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