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The lot from 1st San Francisco Kino visit 
The lot from 1st San Francisco Kino visit 
It's time for another long photo post about manga I got from Kinokuniya recently. I visited both the San Francisco & San Jose stores on the same day during MLK weekend and then returned to the San Francisco store on Jan. 22nd while hanging out before seeing Evangelion 2.0 at VIZ Cinema.

San Francisco Kinokuniya 01/16/2011

Yuzuko Peppermint by Dai Sato & Masaru Gotsubo runs in Square-Enix's Young Gangan and has the following text on its cover: 

Yuzuko was left alone after her grandmother passed away. 
Shadowed by a mysterious organization, her family murdered by a psychopath, 
and with the sudden "breakdown" of the world, the missing pieces to everything is revealed, 
and the "Peppermint" inside Yuzuko activates...

Asuko March! is a josei series by Akiyama Kaori from Margaret's YOU magazine and the main character attends a technical high school.  

Matsuri Special by Yoko Kamio is from Jump Square - the main girl can take guys down with wrestling moves.

Dainana Jyoshika Houkou by TSUBANA runs in Comic Ryu and is a comedy where strange stuff happens around the cover girls.
Ateya no Tsubaki
 by Kanji Kawashita had an 18+ sticker on it since there is sexual imagery in this Edo period horror-mystery, not unusual for Young Animal magazine.
Sakuragawa Volley-boys
by Souko Masaki is about pretty boys playing high school volleyball and the otaku girl Satoko who follows them.


Cafe Detective Club by Fujishiro Takeshi was an impulse buy - turns out it's a cute girl comedy. Here's its Gangan Online page.
Popcorn Avatar by Koichiro Hoshino runs in Shonen Sunday. I was drawn to it by the blonde fighter who often wears cheerleader gear.
Prizona 6 by KOJINO & Ryunosuke Kingetsu deals with six females are stranded on an island with no memory of their pasts as part of Project Prisoner.

 San Jose Kinokuniya 1/16/2011

 Here's the lot from San Jose's Kino location
 Here's the lot from San Jose's Kino location

Le Tour! is a Shonen Sunday series by Akira Otani about a budding competitive cyclist. 
I'd seen Kiyoku Masashiku Utsu Kusuku (ufotable x Tartan Check) on the shelf a couple times & the one-shot 364-page is about girl's soccer.

Speedy Wonder is a horse racing manga written by Masaya Tsunamoto & drawn by Akihiro Yamane, serialized in Young Champion magazine.  
1/11 (Juichi bunno ichi) is a soccer tragedy manga by Takatoshi Nakamura from Jump Square (Jump SQ). 
Bengoshi no Kuzu
 revolves around a rosy-cheeked lawyer and the cases he takes.

Love Eighteen by Akira Miyagawa can be seen in Kodansha's Afternoon and takes place in 2018 when a supercomputer directed starts chasing main girl Naoki. The not-so-clean character design caught my eye when flipping through an issue of the magazine.

Shoujo Fight by Yoko Nihonbashi focuses on a women's volleyball team and had an anime OVA episode in 2009. Characters have a thin black outline around them. 

Ryo Atsuchi's light comedy Sofuteni is about a female "soft tennis" club and will have an anime adaptation later this year.

Here's a Sofuteni trailer from Comiket 79 and you may notice some ecchi moments:    

Back to San Francisco Kino - 01/22/2011

2nd round of San Francisco manga buying 
2nd round of San Francisco manga buying 
Sato Shio by Seiko Erisawa looks like a comedy about a design firm. 
 by Hirai Takeshi is a school comedy that features Haruna, a girl who can only be seen by some people. 
Yuubae Sakusen
 - adaptation of a Ryu Mitsuse novel that Mamoru Oshii wrote and Tsutomu Oono drew. It was also the subject of a 1974 Japanese drama. I guess there is a time machine in it and also a basset hound (an Oshii trademark).

Femme Fatale and Darenimo Ienai, both by Kaya Shigisawa, have a black-haired glasses girl as main lead in relationship drama, though Femme Fatale looks like it has some humor. Also: Femme Fatale has French and Japanese titles for each chapter. 

Nightmare Maker by Cuvie had an 18+ sticker and for good reason: a number of sexual scenes that are part of dream/reality blurring for its high school characters.

Some English translated stuff, too

I also recently got Cross Game volume 2 (San Jose) & RATMAN volume 3 (San Francisco) as well as Book Girl and the Famished Spirit (2nd novel in the series) from Amazon.
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