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I have been occasionally checking in over the past few weeks at IGN's list of the top 100 animated series (to have aired on American television, of course) in anticipation of, and sponsored by, the upcoming release of Coraline. The top ten was predictable with The Simpsons taking the top prize but I managed to discover a few I had never heard of before such as Galaxy High (#52), Count Duckula (#61), and The Maxx (#16). Highlights for me were The Critic placing at #26, Samurai Jack at #43Danger Mouse at #62, and The Huckberry Hound Show at #63.

Fifteen anime made the list if you include re-edited shows: Neon Genesis Evangelion (#10), Cowboy Bebop (#14), Transformers (#23), Speed Racer (#29), Robotech (#34), Naruto (#38), Battle of the Planets [aka Gatchaman] (#44), Death Note (#51), Pokemon (#70), Gundam Wing (#73), Voltron (#76), Dragon Ball Z (#78), Astro Boy (#86), Afro Samurai (#90), and Fullmetal Alchemist (#95).

Going through IGN's list makes me want to page through Helen McCarthy's 500 Essential Anime Movies: The Ultimate Guide, which I may buy next month, out of general interest and in preparation for a post on cultural literacy that has been kicking around in my head. (The idea spawned from my enrollment in a sociology class on popular culture this quarter.)
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I am not that good at predicting licenses based on my own clairvoyance nor do I have a lengthy list of titles I wish to be licensed but it wouldn't hurt to speculate on what might be announced from December 22-31. (Their initial announcement implied "new" anime so I hope they don't think that includes rescues from other publishers.)

Based on Prior C&D's:
Even though Funimation has made it clear whenever they sent out cease-and-desist notices that such action doesn't neccessarily mean they have, it DOES indicate that they care enough to act on the Japanese publishers' behalf - something that could lead to an eventual licensing agreement. For example, Funi sent out C&D's regarding xxxHOLiC, Ragnarok the Animation, Mushi-Shi, and Suzuka in October 2006 and all four  were eventually released on DVD by them.

Based on recent notices, I am pegging Soul Eater "maybe", Mushi-Uta "likely" and Seto no Hanayome "why not". Others that fall under this category are Bamboo Blade, Nabari no Ou, and Hitman Reborn (a long-time project).

Based on historic GONZO relationship:
Funimation has a long, healthy relationship with studio Gonzo - Kiddy Grade, Black Cat, Burst Angel, Solty Rei, Samurai 7, etc. Heck, there was even that "Babes, Blades, Blood, Beauty" campaign a few years back that involved Desert Punk, Basilisk, Trinity Blood, and Speed Grapher.

So I think Bokurano, Rosario + Vampire, Blassreiter, The Tower of DruagaSeto no Hanayome (again!), Dragonaut, Linebarrels of Iron, Strike Witches, and, uh, Special A are possible candidates from the last couple years, some more likely (Rosario + Vampire) than others (Strike Witches).

Assorted Educated Guesses/Potential Surprises in the Making:
Dennou Coil, Kaiba, Mnemosyne, Vampire Knight, To Love-Ru, Nodame Cantibile, The Daughter of Twenty Faces, Rental Magica, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Ghost Hound, Kure-naiHitohira, and Nagasarete Airantou.

I'm going to attempt doing short, 12-second video analyses of each day's announcements using, what else, We'll see how long that lasts...
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