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Articles to Edit

Things I've seen or read that I should try to edit the pages for.

1. Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~

Watched in anime club.

2. Noir
3. Madlax
4. Gunsmith Cats
5. Zombie Powder
6. Hunter × Hunter
7. Absolute Boy
8. Asatte no Houkou
9. Chrono Crusade
10. Case Closed
11. Nerima Daikon Brothers
12. Black Heaven
13. Giant Killing
14. Transfer Student
15. DNA²
16. Doujin Work

anime & manga

17. Dirty Pair
18. El Cazador de la Bruja
19. FLCL

Own volumes 1 & 2.

20. Working!! 01
21. Kanagawa Prefecture
22. Dusseldorf

Went there during a study abroad trip so maybe some pictures & context within Monster?

23. Giant Killing

one of my favorite sports anime

24. Emma
25. Emma - A Victorian Romance
26. The Sky Crawlers

actors & objects

27. Major
28. Big Windup!

Have the DVD set, mainly character appearances and plot summaries?

29. Softenni

currently watching spring series

30. Miami Guns

Have DVD's 1 & 4 from AnimeNation sale.

31. Vol. 1

bought but haven't read yet

32. Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Nice series of cute shorts.

33. Hyakko

streaming on Crunchyroll

34. Bamboo Blade

Episodes, character, summaries

35. Kiba
36. Scrapped Princess

I liked this series when I first watched it.

37. YuruYuri
38. Dennou Coil

screencaps, characters, episode summaries

39. Hunter × Hunter (2011)

add episodes

40. Cipher the Video

add screenshots, characters

41. Phi Brain: Puzzle of God

episodes, screenshots, characters

42. Polar Bear's Café
43. Eyeshield 21


44. Urusei Yatsura

episode titles, airdates, etc.

45. California Crisis: Gun Salvo
46. Wild Cardz
47. Ben-To
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Good luck on your airdate challenge with Case Closed!

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