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Gawker Media blog io9 recently posted a list of "The Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows" and its validity was criticized fairly quickly by some of the people I follow on Twitter including ALF ranking ahead of GitS: SAC and Get Smart being listed at all (at #67) since it doesn't seem like it fits in the category. (I guess the site thinks tech counts as sci-fi, which I'm so-so about, or spying part of fantasy, to which I'd say "no".) Though I'm not a big fan of the increasing practice of "listbaiting", I'm also often curious to see what made certain lists so I suppose they've got me in their traps.
(Each section, for your convenience: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80, 81-90, 91-100)
Here are the animated entries that made their list: 

#14 - Futurama
#15 - The Tick (animated series)
#23 - Cowboy Bebop

This gritty, fun anime series about bounty hunters in the 22nd century probably helped inspire Firefly, and it definitely gave us one of the most memorable characters in science fiction — the super-fighter with a dark past, Spike Spiegel.   

#28 - Venture Bros.
#29 - Batman Beyond
#35 - Robotech

The show that helped introduced space opera to a whole new generation (along with Starblazers), Robotech gave us humans struggling against not one, but three alien invasions, using bootstrapped alien technology. And more importantly — super robot armor.

#46 - Invader Zim
#60 - Starblazers

A plucky crew of humans takes to space in the sunken battleship Yamato, repurposed as a spacecraft, in this melodramatic, thrilling animated space opera. The crew of the Yamato are never anything less than awesome, and the show really gives a feeling of space travel being slow and dangerous — but the show's real standouts are the villains, especially the sly Desslok and the chilling Comet Empire.     

#61 - The Jetsons
#89 - Transformers
#91 - Static Shock (I'd honestly forgotten about this show!) 

The Big Bang, an industrial accident in the city of Dakota, turns many of the city's residents into powerful metahumans. Though many "Bang Babies" use their newfound powers for evil, quick-witted teenager Virgil Hawkins uses his electromagnetic powers to fight crime, aided by the gadgets built by his genius best friend, Richie. But it's trickier hiding his identity as Static Shock from his widowed father Robert and strong-willed sister Sharon. Even amidst a glut of superhero cartoons, this is one of the most memorable.

#93 - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 

#94 - Serial Experiments Lain 

Shy junior-high school girl Lain is living a quiet life — until she gets an email from her dead classmate Chisa Yomoda, who claims she's not dead, but has just transcended the flesh world and moved to cyberspace. Lain gets drawn into a journey of cyber-discovery, hallucination and weirdness, as she's encouraged to ditch her flesh body and help bring down the walls between our world and the cyber-world. Trippy and bizarre, Serial Experiments may be the best cyberspace-as-drugs show ever.

#96 - Aeon Flux 

Aeon Flux originally debuted on MTV's Liquid Television as a series of shorts about Aeon Flux, the bondage-clad agent of an anarchist nation battling the forces of the restrictive Bregna government, only to be repeatedly thwarted by her own death. But Aeon eventually got her own half-hour show, where she locked horns (and occasionally naughty bits) with her nemesis Trevor Goodchild in a surreal, disturbing, and yet sexy dystopian future.    

#97 - Thundercats 

#99 - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 

Cybernetic police officer Motoko Kusanagi keeps New Port City safe from cybercriminals, maniacs and terrorists, using an array of surveillance toys that includes optical camouflage and mini-tanks called tachikomas, while she tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious "Laughing Man" incident. It's been praised as one of the most fully realized cyberpunk futures, and for having the best depiction of cyberspace environments, ever created. Plus, cyborgs with tanks versus mysterious cybercriminals FTW!

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