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It's been a long time, but I'm back from my work in Costa Rica and am ready to rewiew again.
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Well, winter in Calgary sucks, but the upside is the snowboarding in the mountains. I can withstand any type of cold this icy hell troughs at me. I really hate the cold, even though I'm a snowboarder, and my friends and I tend to run into bars more frequently than not to escape the frigid weather. My car stalled on the way to the bar, so we were stranded in a snow storm with light coats and street flares. We walked three kilometers to final reach the happy warmth of the bar. Five minutes later, my taller friend breaks two barstools, three beer bottle and one pool cue. We got kicked out and then had to walk to my car, push it to my house with anything other than a buzz and then we collapsed on the couches in my basement, frostbitten and frozen. 
I guess the moral is to check the health of your car before leaving on a six kilometer trip to the bar.
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