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My two cent on certain anime/manga related pages

Kinda like short review/rant on certain series, concept, character of anime/manga

1. Shaman King

(Franchise) Both anime and manga got really messed up in the end. Had strong beginning though

2. Rave Master

(Franchise) Was alight, but the humor in it was just horrible for my taste.

3. Eiken

(Franchise) One of the most horrible series ever, bad story line with weird characters.

4. Mech

(Concept) I FREAKING LOVE mecha. Did I say how much love them?

5. Claymore

(Anime) Awesome show, loyal to the original manga except the last episode.

6. Berserk

(Manga) Has the one the best art of all time. So much details are put in the drawing, but at the same time new chapters come out really slow

7. Harem

(Concept) I dont mind harem series as long as they are done right. I mean seriously how the hell does some most unlikable guy gets all the girl by not doing anything?

8. Love Hina

(Franchise) Love the manga series, did not bother with anime since art style isn't the same. Yes i know thats kind of stupid reason

9. Yu Yu Hakusho

(Manga) One of first few manga to read when I was a kid. Loved it but it's kinda weird how the central plot doesn't stick with the title


(People) They are like Pixar of manga, well at least in certain genre. They don't always make the amazing series but when they do, it's awesome

11. Aya Hirano

(Person) As a voice actor, she is one of the best. But her social life is somewhat questionable

12. Mx0

(Manga) Loved the series, too bad it got canceled and ended abruptly. It had SO much potential.

13. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

(Movie) Graphically awesome, but the story is kinda meh, didn't really hook the audience. btw do not watch the directer's cut version.

14. Hanaukyo Maid Team

(Franchise) Drawing(from manga) is bad but the story writing is worse. Granted it is a harem and can't really expect much from harem but this is just bad.

15. Mobile Suit Gundam 00

(Anime) Had most amazing beginning and very unique gundam design, but that was about it. I really wanted to love the series more but it was just impossible.

16. Defense Devil

(Manga) Very Disappoint, expected a lot from it. Had interesting concept, but didn't like it with the direction it went

17. Seitokai Yakuindomo

(Franchise) One of funniest series, but not recommended for little kids

18. Brave Police J-Decker

(Anime) Loved the series when I was a kid, was able to watch some episode recently, still managed to make me cry.

19. Fan Service

(Concept) As some people would say, too much of good thing is bad thing. Fanservice is only good when it's done right.

20. .hack//SIGN

(Anime) Had VERY interesting concept and that's why I watched it. But the show got really boring with its slow pace.

21. .hack//Roots

(Anime) Just like .Hack//Sign, I had high hopes for this show. However this show got really boring really fast.

22. Gattai

(Concept) As much as I like to see this concept in every mecha shows, it's gets disappointing/annoying when mecha become nothing but clusterfuck

23. Gulliver Boy

(Anime) Watched it when I was little kid. Want to edit it but I can't remember much about it and can't find any episode with sub, or raw for that matter.

24. The Familiar of Zero

(Franchise) Like the concept, but lost interest when the main character started have five different love interests for no reasons.

25. Economics

(Concept) It amazes how some people have made this as main concept as their series with twist.

26. GaoGaiGar: King of Braves

(Anime) One of my favorite mecha/super robot series. Just as awesome as Gurren Lagann for its hot-blood-ness

27. Gurren Lagann

(Franchise) Overall it's very awesome series, EXCEPT that episode 4 (was it). That part was done really poorly.

28. Bankai

(Concept) This used to be awesome until it became not-so-powerful later in the series.

29. Super Robot

(Concept) As a fan of mech or mecha, I really love super robot as well. Sometimes though it's hard to draw a line between this and realistic robots.

30. Elfen Lied

(Franchise) Didn't watch anime but tried to read manga but that was impossible. Why? because it looks it was drawn by somebody who just started to draw manga for the first time.

31. Ogure Ito

(Person) He is one of the best when comes to drawing manga. But when it comes to story writing, even a 5th grade can write a better story than him.

32. Tenjho Tenge

(Franchise) Awesome drawing but man, the story gets worse and worse on each new chapters.

33. Accelerator

(Character) Has the most complicated power and yet awesome power. Seriously, anything with vector is like almost everything.

34. Index Librorum Prohibitorum

(Character) She IS main character of her series right?

35. Rei Ayanami

(Character) As far as I can remember, she was THE beginning of silent female character trend.


(Object) Some people likes characters with glasses, but I don't despite the fact that I wear them. I prefer characters without them.

37. Transformers: Masterforce

(Series) Transformer starring Autobot that awfully look similar to Optimus Prime but not.

38. Kamijo Touma

(Character) Interesting ability, but in the end he is another generic character who gets 90% of female characters in the series he's in.

39. Saito Hiraga

(Character) Generic male protagonist who gets 90% of females in the series. Nuff said

40. Rosario to Vampire

(Franchise) Interesting and weird to me. The whole thing started as harem with monster girls and then turned into serious fight....What?

41. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

(Franchise) This is probably the crazies idea for anime/manga I've read in my history as anime/manga fan

42. Zodiac

(Concept) One of THE MOST used concept in anime/manga. Sometimes as main story plot, or as part of it.

43. Sumomomo Momomo

(Franchise) Another One-Guy-Gets-All-The-Girl series, but it was still interesting and funny to read/watch.

44. Nagasarete Airantou

(Franchise) It's interesting to say at least. When it comes down to it, it's another harem series with many of archetype characters.

45. Inukami!

(Franchise) It is the most hilarious series I've ever watched, not sure about manga and light novel though. Anime on the other hand, I could not stop laughing.

46. Magi

(Franchise) Finally, series that doesn't involved Japan OR Medieval times. Fun series.

47. Sekirei

(Franchise) Nothing but fanservice full of boob shots and panty shots. Weak Story

48. The World God Only Knows

(Franchise) Very interesting take on harem series. The main character actually do SOMETHING to make numerous girls fall for him.

49. Tarot Cards

(Concept) Other concept that gets used again and again

50. Snaggletooth

(Concept) While I do find this cute on anime girls, it is disturbing to see on real girls.

takashichea moderator on Jan. 15, 2012 at 9:02 p.m.

I haven't started Shaman King Kanzenban yet, but I agree how Shaman King is messed up. I need to look up Aya Hirano because she is Lucy Heartphilia's seiyuu. I enjoyed the comment about fan service. It's only good when it's done right. Sket Dance is one of those anime that doesn't need to rely on fan service to boost its ratings.

Good job on the Yu Yu Hakusho's manga project!

takashichea moderator on July 2, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

Did you create the Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos page?

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