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When I'm browsing some of wikis on AnimeVice, I stumble upon some character's page with ridiculous aliases. I don't know about some of editors out there but I feel like you should only add aliases if it's important to the plot whether it's character's title or nickname, and yet something uncommon. Maybe I'm overreacting to this matter, so people who are reading this can be the judge. As far as I'm concerned, please think before you edit.

Some good examples

For Goku, he really does get called by different name, he got his Earthing name and Saiyan name, with different spelling for each.

And as for Optimus Prime, he got Japanese name and US name, as well as different incarnation.

Some bad examples

Pidge's alias is shorty. Really, he can't be the only character who's short and called shorty is he?

I don't remember anybody calling Ichigo king before. Even so he isn't the only king manga/anime universe, or have King as his name.

I don't even know where to begin with Alucard. Most of his aliases variation of his original names and nicknames. Really now, Count? Monster?

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