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My name is Bubbles Tikicrown.  I am 14 years old .  I'm from Amizonia Prime my kind are humanoids.  My planet is filled with water, but its not all water.  There are no males located in my planet, females are dominant genders.  There is no need of interacting with males to reproduce. At a certain age, our bodies get pregnant, giving birth to females. It is forbidden to reproduce with males, because it's against our beliefs. Our kind are feminists. We were once slaves to man, until we overthrew them. That is why over the years we evolved to give self-birth. It would be giving birth to an abomination if it came out as a male. I left my planet on a quest to save helpless lives and meet males. I do not fear them or hate them, I'm curious to meet one.

When I came to New Sparta  I was amzed to see how different it was than my planet.  I met a lot of aliens, robots, humans, etc.. I met Guyver he was the first friend I made there, he was very helpful and showed me around.  I met my first human male, I was suprised he didnt seem dangerous at all he was actually very sweet I felt butterflies in my stomach.  He taught how to use self defense to fight against any enemies who may threaten me while on my mission.

Amizonians women are naturally strong. They are able to lift 5 tons of weight and run as fast as a grizzly bear. Bubbles was born with the ability to use Telepathy, which is a rare gift among her kind. Only one in a million are born with that power, so she can read people's mind and talk to their thoughts. She can control water and manipulate the substance, because she has Hydrokensis powers. She may also create animals and other objects out of water.
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