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The Death

It was an Horrific and tragic event, The death of a beloved hero was Bestowed upon the world.  Ice Dragon member Sephirim was Killed, by an alternate for of Himself In the city of asgard, Home to Last Paladin. It was suppose to be an team effort, But seph had recently Went on hiatus  because Of an exorcist That took Control of his Body whenever he was In rage. He Looked For A Fabled Witch doctor that was said to be Stationed In a Village named " Igiake ". He searched for the Village for months, but when he was able to To find it He was attacked by a group Of bandits, in a forest very close to the village . The surprise attack Triggered the exorcist within Sephirim and He Sanguinary Onslaught began. He slayed the bandits That attempted the robbery, and he pathed his way To The Village. There he murdered many Innocent people until he encounter a foe that was equal in strength with Sephirim. he fled The village Being Trailed by The warrior, He reached a cliff where he accidentally jumped off and fell into a stream. He hit his head on a rock and was knocked Unconscious, he drifted in the stream until he was found By a warrior from a nearby
Alternate Sephirim
Alternate Sephirim
village, and placed in a vacant cabin. when he awoke a village guard was sent to escort him to The village elder "Tymerallin". In the Elders Sanctum waited an old Companion Named Destra. Destra told Sephirim That Rayne might be In danger due to the lack of Brain signals Received from his Friend. Destra and Sephirim Both Decided to travel Back to The ice Dragons lair to Investigate the problem. Rayne was a Member Of the Ice Dragons Alongside Sephirim.When they arrived at The Hq, They found a portal, Theywent inside of it and ended up In what seemed to be an alternate dimension.. There Destra was able to pick up rayne's Brian Signal, he was located in a city Called Asgard which was hovering in the sky. When they arrived at asgard rayne was there to great them, it was a well desired reunion, emotions flooded quickly, but then terminated at the fight of a horde of demons At the ground surface. The trio vaulted off of the Hovering city and engaged The demons in combat. Sephirim Separated from the group, mowing down every Demon In his path, rayne and destra were not in sight. Then Sephirim Encountered his alternate twin, they engaged in fierce combat, but sephirim was no match for his alternate form, he was impaled at The claws of His Opposites angel form, he was laid to rest

The Resurrection Project

The Vessel
The Vessel
After The Death Of Sephirim Dark Rayne , Rayne Kazatoshi's Alternate Form took The corpse Of Sephirim and Destra, and Took it Back to His Lair, which was once Andferne , The x king Of That realms home. They plotted something out Called The T.R.S( the Resurrection Project). They planned on resurrecting the Fallen warriors and Making them Their right hand men. They  needed To Use other people Bodies as a vessel for The experiment. So They used a preserved Corpse of a fallen adversary and used it as a vessel.
They used a S.T.M(soul Transfer machine) to get each cadavers soul into The other body. The Experiment was successful, Sephirim was Transferred into his new body, how ever, destra's soul wasn't so fortunate , His soul was not compatable to transferring due to Family gene's.After gaining consciousness Sephirim Became vehement, with memories Of his battle still Hindering him, Dark Rayne Had To initiate Process, He had to extract all of the old memories of sephirim from His mind, so he could be able to manipulate him into becoming  one of his henchmen. Dark Rayne attempted the Second part of the process,it wasnt as successful as the first. Sephirim  Vulgarly tore from the machine in rage and attempted to Kill dark rayne, Dark Rayne was able to escape with the help of his private brigade of valor demons. Sephirim left The Dark Rayne lair, and searched for a way to leave The alternate dimension, but wasn't as successful as he wanted to be, he was forced to live in a city that he wandered to named Kharlan, a cybernetic city.

The Adaptation Then Chaos

Kharlan Symbol
Kharlan Symbol
Sephirim Entered the exhausted, lost , Homeless, he stationed himself at a local park. Hungry and apathetic to his appearance , seph begged for food from The pedestrians of the city, who wore, futuristic clothing. They were heartless to the fallen hero, but one day , Sephirim encountered someone with a heart of gold, she was an spinning image of His deceased wife. She came to the park On the week days with food, and clothing for moths until she finally decided to let Seph stay at her house. Sephirim was able to guess what things he liked easily as if they met before, but then it finally dawned on him, her name was Anya , that was the name of Sephirims deceased wife.  he confronted this to her, and she was shocked because she had married a man named sephirim, but he ran off and never returned. She asked a
Anya Kamorizo
Anya Kamorizo
large variety of question to seph and he was able to answer them. she was appalled, she didnt understand why seph had a different appearance, but he explained everything about  him being from another dimension and that he fought and alternate version of himself and died. It was hard for her to believe but she accepted it over the months. Sephirim The realized that he didnt have certain abilities that he had before, he felt he might have hidden potential that might be lying dormant within him. Anya knew about a Martail artist Nicknamed Flawless. Sephirim reported to the adept at the countryside of The Cybernetic city, and seeked training. Flawless wanted Sephirim to run a  difficult errand before Beginning his Training, he needed to fight One of his students In a physical combat, with no weapons or powers. Sephirim failed miserably. After that day Flawless put Seph through vigorous training in harsh weather condition to master gi kwon do, and how ro disperse chakra . the process was very difficult , but seph was able to master most Gi Kwon Do techniques and Energy Manipulation. He was given the black belt in the arts by Flawless, and he was now considered a lethal weapon. He returned back to His home with anya to find the same tragedy repeated, the Alternate love of his life was dead, laying  on the living room floor with a slit throat.

Vengeance In the Shadows


Powers And Abilities
Powers And Abilities
Enhanced Human Abilities: Seph human abilities are enhanced due to The exorcist That was Put in when he was a young child, he is able to pull of more stunts that an average human is not capable of doing. He can run,jump,hit,etc,more better than an average human.

Shadow Manipulation: Seph Is able to Manipulate shadows in any Dark area. These shadows can Inflict serious damage to anyone who comes into contact with them. They can also shapeshift into a physical form. These shadows are a force to be reckoned  with. Not only are they able to inflict damage, and change form, they move at high speeds , nearly 25 miles perhour.

Martail artist: Sephirim Is The master In the art of Gi Kwon Do, this fighting style fused with Enhanced Human abilities, make him Superior to the art, He was Trained By The Legendary Flawless at harsh climate condition, he earned the postion to be considered a black Belt, and he dispalys himselfvery well

Weapon Master: Seph is able to use a large vairiety of weapons such as swords ,and guns. He learned hwo to use a large of amount of wepaons when he joined The ice dragons, so he has knowledge of most modern weapons
Brokencyde Stats
Date Joined: Dec. 6, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
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