Boddington (Level 9)

Porchetta sandwich from RoliRoti is awesome-licious!
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The Section 6 team finally starts talking about something a bit more on my level: whether or not to swap their flimsy meatsacks for cold steel.
I'm quite comfy with my bag o' bones the way it is, but if a robot uprising does occur and I'm forced at gunpoint to take a mechanical body I'd favor something like a Bubblegum Crisis Boomer. You know, well-built physique, model good looks. Pretty much the way I am now except with the option to shed my skin in a gory plume and expose some face-melting hardware beneath. 
Anybody with me on the sleeper-with-the-option-to-boogie configuration or would you all be pretty comfy walking around like someone off the cover of a Heavy Metal issue?
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