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Porchetta sandwich from RoliRoti is awesome-licious!
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What if the gangly armed robots from Studio Ghibli's delightful Laputa: Castle in the Sky were all beer guzzling miscreants like, say, Bender from Futurama. Well, fret no more over such things because a French webcomic has settled the issue once and for all. 

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Back when I was a lad of, oh, twelve or thirteen I faithfully attended Boy Scout camp each summer for at least one week. The camps each had a little snack bar/trading post where we could buy candy, soda and Scout supplies for our various merit badge classes at prices designed to curb our spending by breaking our banks within a few days. We all knew the source of their inventory had to be some cut-rate rejected imports warehouse, because the products were mainly foreign in origin, such as Chex Mix with packaging in Farsi or Mexican gum. One year they brought in something really exotic: a pallet of Japanese soda. Or at least we thought it was soda. Within a day or two one of our leaders who'd spent some time stationed in Okinawa was savvy enough to spot the labeling in kanji indicating this drink was, in fact, a little bit alcoholic. The soda-like stuff that tasted like crappy fruit punch turned out to be lemon chuuhai
And all that was a very roundabout way for me to tell you that the Japanese love to put alcohol in shit. Like cola:
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I posted a reply to a forum post a couple weeks ago saying something along the lines of how the Japanese continue to do high-profile culturally insensitive entertainment acts, such as blackface comedy. Well, chalk up another example--I give you "We Are the World" sung by a cadre of Japan's finest, cheapest B-list celebrities: 
Couldn't help but notice that they do blackface and impersonate a blind man not once, but twice in that video!
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This is more an update to my previous post about the bad dialogue in FFXIII as I have nothing more substantive to say. Rob Bricken over at Topless Robot recently laid into the game with a fury I've not seen since taping an "Edward Sux" sign to the back of some poor schmuck at a Twilight convention. Oh well, he died for science.
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Interpretive dance is weird enough, but get the Japanese involved and the perplexity ratchets up several notches. Behold, a defective cyborg terminator vs. the imaginary smile of a human baby. 
Is it me or does the baby seem to delight in the robot being brutally blown away at the end?
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