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Battles » Kenpachi Zaraki vs Akainu

@luthluth said:

How in the hell does that make him faster than Kenpachi who can Shupo? He has zero speed feats.

@Pierpat said:

Given Powerscaling, Akainu.

Given Actual feats, i could even go with Kenny, i just can't see where Akainu showed speed.

Given Hype, Kenny.

Really? Akainu had H2H combat with Whitebeard who intercepted a light-form Kizaru.

Akainu outspeed Ivankov who save Luffy from Kizaru's laser.

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Battles » Kenpachi Zaraki vs Akainu

@luthluth said:

@bobokyo: Jesus i watched the Marineford twice and I saw no speed feats for Akainu where the hell are people getting this shit? Powerscaling?

Akainu outspeed both Ivankov and Jinbei during the war.

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Battles » Kenpachi Zaraki vs Akainu

I'll go with Akainu. He's probably faster than Kenny , and him having haki is more bad news for Kenny.

Akainu's attacks has massive AoE and will eventually overwhelm Kenny.

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Battles » Raitei runs the gauntlet.

Raitei is too much for HST. He clears easily.

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Battles » Boa hancock VS Mei terumi(mizukage)

@Kobra678 said:

@taichokage: She does the same thing she did when she fought Sasuke. While they're in an enclosed room she can change the PH balance in the room and pretty much melt Hancock away.

Probably won't have the chance to do that if Hancock is all over her ass.

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Battles » Schemer Battle

@UltimateHero0406 said:

@The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk: Careful. When it comes to trolling, Hiruma is a true demon.


He is the embodiment of trolling.

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Battles » Hashirama vs Garp

jesus f*cking christ, so many OP dick riders. -_-

@Baal_Raam said:

@GhostRipple: What? Get out, seriously. Garps Haki hardened fist > shinsusenju, and that's any day. What the hell can you actually scale shinsusenjus DC by in the first place that would suggest its even a match for garp in his prime exactly? Oh right, nothing! We have great reason to believe Garp would trash anything senju would throw at him for the simple fact that; Senju, wasn't the one who stopped a continental level attack with nothing but "A" fist. Now your seriously saying that someone who has to spam inferior fist play to get off a relevant ft could even hang with what A war Hero did with just a fist?

#Not buying what your selling.

Splitting =/= Destroying. Garp's feat is island level at best.

Juubi is basicaly "god" who fucking moved continents and oceans of Naruto verse and Hashi's tech immoblized it.

@TheNeutralOne said:

@5th said:

@TheNeutralOne said:


Lol you keep saying luffy. Hashirama's arms were not moving at hypersonic speeds at least not based off of what i saw. Unless we both read two different things. Stop relying on calcs and look at what the author is showing you. There is no reason to push the limits to hypersonic when there was nothing for him to be moving hypersonic for. That is the result of faulty calcs pushing characters to levels they are not. I'm assuming you believe that because you believe the bijuudama and such to be hypersonic which means hashiramas hands had to be moving at least that fast. Even if that was the case the bijuu dama were cutting through the hands before they could reach madara so they would still be faster and going based on what i see the bijuu dama were never that fast thus leaving hashirama no need to be moving those arms that fast.

Destructive capability doesn't really mean much when he can just punch through the arms. If garp can punch through mountains which no one in here doubts he can clearly punch those arms. He can even jump on the arms and use them as a way to run towards hashirama. Not to mention i don't like how people talk about this poison tree thing when i never saw hashirama himself use it. If i recall it was madara that used the technique under the edo tensei so i doubt hashirama could use that technique and the buddha in rapid succession. That would require a chakra pool out of this world. Even if this is in character hashirama is currently fighting a war where the world is at stake and hasn't even used the buddha yet. The very thing that can supposedly help he hasn't brought out yet. Which means in character that is a last resort. Hashirama can't live to last resort if garp simply punches him once. Wood clones? Lulz they get broken. wood figures? Punched. Ultimately hashirama has to use the buddha in order to beat garp. That or the poison thing which we haven't seen him even use. Anything less than that buddha is impossible to defeat garp.

You misread what I said, I said the Thousand Arm Goddesses' fists were moving at Hypersonic speed, which is completely true supported by the fact that it was reacting to the BD.

A BD combined with a Susano'o blade has the speed to travel across the sea and into another field of land. How is that not hypersonic? It did so in under a few seconds.

Garp can punch through a barrage of a thousand mountain-sized fists moving at a hypersonic rate? Also, Not to mention the fact that Madara had to spam a dozen BD/Susano'o blades at the Goddess, and even by then was the Kyuubi and Madara's Susano'o Armor nullified by the overwhelming size of Hashirama's Wood Goddess.

You know how retarded your claim sounds? All the Mokuton no Jutsu Madara is using are all from Hashirama, and Tsunade even says so herself that the World Flower Jutsu was one of her grandfather's techniques, I seriously don't see why Hashirama wouldn't use it.

You're implying that Garp will be smart enough to figure out that Hashirama has replaced himself with a wood clone? Not even a Sharingan user could tell the difference. And Hashirama's clones act as exact copies of himself, the wood style clones inherit the same abilities as their user proven from Madara creating a Susano'o army.

Anyways, every time I see you on a thread you're always downplaying Naruto.

All i saw was wank wank wank. You say hypersonic bd scales but fail to realize that no bijuu dama has ever actually hit anyone and no one in naruto has ever displayed hypersonic speeds besides chuunin exam lee and teleporters such as teh 4th. Which means a bijuu dama needs not be hypersonic. Not to mention you say travelled across the sea like it went to another continent. Dude that was just like a lake or river. Don't go crazy. Garp can punch through a barrage of supersonic fists(at best) or even jump on one and go straight to hashi. Nothing hashi has can hurt him save the thousand armed goddess and garp can counter it. Garp has potential to blitz and 1shot in bloodlusted and in character i think garp can still win in a good fight.

To shut you up for once, back in part 1, a genin level sasuke not just dodged a supersonic attack from zankuuha, he carried an unconscious naruto and sakura out the attack's range and gets behind him.

by part 2, they are leaps and bounds beyond this speed level (like Itachi blocking a lightning from sasuke). specially the top tiers like Hashirama.

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Battles » Madara vs Garp

Base on the images you posted, you're using the old Garp.

If so, he has no way of beating/surviving Madara's PS.

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Battles » Hashirama vs Shiki

@TheNeutralOne said:

Hmmm if we outrule the fact that a pre skip luffy beat him based on pis shiki should tear hashi a new one. Hashi summons a buddha and shiki touches it. Good game.

Nope. Shiki can only levitate inanimate objects, and since Hashi's wood contain chakra, Hashi beats him.

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Battles » Luffy vs Hashirama

@TheNeutralOne: "Using calcs is pulling stuff out of your ass. Real science doesn't rely on imaginary numbers."

No. Calcs don't use imaginary numbers, it takes data from the manga itself and quantify it for a feat.

"However with my eyes i can see that garp himself was a mountain buster and it required his fist to hurt chinjao and then luffy came along and hurt chinjao as well. That isn't me pulling shyt out of my ass that is me reading into what the author is portraying to me. With that piece of information he is trying to say lufy is now equal to what garp was at that time. That is the implication."

No, Garp one-shotted Chinjao back when he was in his prime. Luffy faced the old version, and Chinjao withstood his attack so it doesn't prove that Luffy matched his grandpa's feat.

"However, you saying that a bijuu dama is mach 23million based off of numbers pulled out of nowhere is ludicrous."

No, calc gets the numbers from what is shown in the manga scan.

"If you call pulling stuff out of my ass using actual proof then sure. But then what level of ass magic are you on if you can form numbers from nothing?"

Again, unlike you who is most likely guessing, calc use numbers from what is drawn in the manga.

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Battles » Luffy vs Hashirama

@supernova7005: I agree that some of them are faulty, but it's better than guessing in my opinion. And the mach 23k is just the Juubi's biju-bomb, not its movement speed.

@TheNeutralOne: What would be your basis if you don't use calcs? Pulling stuff out of your ass, like "Luffy's punches are at least mountain level"?

You can point out all the feats in the manga you want, but at the end of the day, what you're doing is just guessing on their speed/size etc. Unlike a calc where you actually use the scientific method.

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Battles » Luffy vs Hashirama

@TheNeutralOne: So many wrongs in your post that it's not even funny anymore.

"Kurama's bijuu dama casually ripped through his strongest attack(the buddha) with complete ease. Then i don't understand the susano'o sword thing because as i recall he summoned the wood and they were all sliced off the top."

The biju-dama you're talking about is combined with the susano'o sword and has an energy of at least 7.6 gigatons, enough to blow up an entire island. Madara fired several of it to Hashi's buddha and it only blew away some of its hands. Hashi's wood dragon regenerated from the sword strike.

link to calc:

links to the scans of Hashi's buddha:

"Speed is not arguable in my opinion. Its arguable when you have some feats. You don't so its not. No one in naruto is supersonic let alone hypersonic based off anything. The fasted feat in naruto goes t othe teleporters and chuunin exam lee which was stated by kakashi when you open the gates your speed and strength surpass that of the kage's greatly."

Seriously? Hashi and Madara are massively hypersonic base on this calc:

" Luffy's fist was capable of 1shotting a pacifista which is completely harder than steel and requires haki destroy and it was capable of undoing what garp's fist did too chinjao. Which means luffy's fist are at the very least mountain busters. Bijuu dama's are mountain busters but that is only one of them, luffy can fire his fist in rapid succession at speed hashi cannot compete with."

Lol no. Luffy's strongest attack is small-city level at best.

"The only thing hashi wins based off of is hype. The speed is in luffy's favor. The strength is in luffy's favour. The durability is in luffy's favour. And the destructive potential can go either way."

No. No. Yes. No. and Lol no.

And you're saying as if Hashi would just stand there and get hit. The OP says "in character" so Luffy would most likely be using normal punches from the start but Hashi would probably use his wood to restrain him, even though Luffy know it's coming, he won't keep up if Hashi decides to use wood clones and throw a few more of his wood techs.

Again, Hashi rapes strawhats.

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Battles » Yamamoto and Whitebeard vs Three Admirals

@Grinpatch said:

Yamamoto is a non-factor, a fodder against any of the admirals. IMO they win low/mid diff against Whitebeard.
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Battles » Hashirama vs Garp

Hashi drops an island-size buddha. GG.

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Battles » Luffy vs Hashirama

@TheNeutralOne said:

Hashirama wins in a good fight~

I'm only doing this to keep the peace. I still don't think naruto characters anywhere near as fast as anything in the hst, luffy has precog haki, armourment haki and gear second and gear third. Gear third backed with haki could demolish wood. And gear second he could 1 shot hashi with his strength alone considering hashi has no real durability feats. But still to keep the peace i'll give him the win~

P.s Don't bother replying to me unless you can back your claims with solid evidence and visual proof from the manga which i do read.

I'm sorry but I can't resist from replying.

Speed is arguable. But the "Gear third backed with haki could demolish wood." is just laughable, Hashi's wood is strong enough to restrain BM Naruto's full Biju Mode, survive being struck by Madara's Susano'o Swords, and f*cking block a biju-dama from Kurama.

Those feats shit on all of Luffy's feats.

Madara solos strawhats.

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Battles » Roshi vs Whitebeard vs Ichiryuu vs Genryuusai

Netero with a Rose Bomb can solo the other four.

But he'll also die in the process though.

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Battles » Seven Kin of Purgatory with Bluenote and Hades vs. Phantom Troupe

IIRC, Uvo at fullpower can generate an explosion as powerful as a nuke via Big Bang Impact.

A sword reinforced by Nen which cut through concrete like butter failed to pierce Uvo's body.

Franklin's Nen bullets easily thrashed a helicopter.

And Shalnark can control people like puppets.

The Ryodan takes this

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Battles » Aizen vs Three Admirals

Aizen will get kicked at the speed of light by Kizaru.

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Battles » black star/tsubaki vs Ban Mido & Ryohei Sasagawa

Ban doesn't need the Jagan.

He has way more attacks in his arsenal.

For starters, he has a spell that erases you from existence.

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Battles » akabane & Ban Mido Vs Itachi & sasuke

Team GB, Ban and Akabane's attacks cut through space-time, so distance wouldn't be a problem. Either one of them could end it with one hit.

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