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Ok i can see who this show put me off at 1st but i'm starting to get it.I do have a prob with the young girl but at less she not 8 or any thing that young like some sick shows.So over all so far out of the 2 ep's i have seen i'm giveing it a 5 out of 10.But hay it just starting so i mite in up liking the hell out of it.On a side note if i was that girl i would have asked the girls a school for food or some thing and when the teacher was running out of the home with the money in the nude i would have knocked all the money out of her arms so she would have none the bitch slut.
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Ok i was going to post some new stuff on the forums so maybe i could start to meet some people but i keep getting the error 404 when i try to post what a bummer.So may this will get out and maybe some one will tell me what i'm doing wrong.
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Ok i just saw the 1st episode of this show on IFC tonight and OMG the man gets off on seeing people killed or dead.I mean i get the S&M and other stuff like that but death that's just seems wrong in some way.So this show borders more on henti then just plan anime.Well it's still some to past the time i gess.I see how it go's tomorrow and let you know.
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Last night i finshed the show Witchblade on IFC and oh my god i loved the show but the end was so sad.How could they end it like that a child needs her mother and no matter how they set it up it's a sad end to a grate show.
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