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Now this show had me think it was not some thing i could sit and finish but what seemed to be almost henti tuned out to be i really good show.
.All and all the has a grate plot and action that had me coming back for more.Now that this show has reached it's a new show call Hell Girl will now take it's place.Tune in on IFC at 11:30pm PST to check it out i am :)
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Now Audlt Swim was not ware i saw my 1st anime but when it started i was able to see it more then befor and made it ware it was some thing to look fowered to.Now they are killing them self by showing comdey 6 out of 7 days of the week and not only that it's mostly crap i can see on non paid chanels.Anime is dieing on t.v and it's are own falt we never say any thing and we don't say any thing when they do cut shows.I for one will not take it any more i swar as long as i'm alive i will post on AS every day to bring back anime to a ever night event even if it's only one show it's got to be better then what they show now.Now i'm not say all the comdey shows are bad but  more anime is needed.
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Ok it's that time of the week ware adult swim has almost nonstop anime alnight.Oh yeah FMA Brotherhood,Bleach,Cowboy Bebop, and my all time fav Inu Yasha.Oh and that new show.It's the night of the week ware i don't get any sleep LOL. Oh yeah my husband kicks me out of bed and i stay up all night just so i can see all the shows.Oh and yes i do have a DVR but who could wait tell morning to see them.NOT ME!!!Well see you all latter i'm cooking dinner then getting ready for my all night anime me time!!!!WOOP WOOP!!!!
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Ok i'm not shure how this show is going to go and in that case it's good becuse i can most of the time figer out the plot of any thing.So i'm happy that i can't gess whats next.One thing as got me puzzed.What will be the relashen ship betwin  Kagura Tennouzu and Tatsumi Saiga  be.I really can't see Tatsumi play a b/f role more like big brother or maybe a father figer.But i well see how it go's!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok now that i'v seen some of the ep's of this show i think it may be good i don't know if it would make it in the top ten in my list but they still have a ways to go.But still i can't wait to see who it all ends up.Oh and for you who would like to see this show it's on at 11:30pm PST on IFC tune in sit down and have a good night all.
P.S as far as i can see this may at 1st look like a henite but i have not seen any thing that would put it in that leave i would saw it was for people 16 and older.
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