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Ok so i'm starting to see things i'v seen in another anime just last  week.I thing it may has some thing to do with hell,the farryers of hell and the #4.
Sample :Hell girl 4 people or demons (i don't know yet) are there to send the person to hell. In the anime Repuiem from the Darkness there are also 3 demon like peopleand one human are seen to send the person to hell.
Now i find this cool. By chance is there any other anime that fallow along the same line?
Dose any one else see this?

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Ok you ware all right it is not like death note at all.I have to say i my self mite have wanted to use such a way to get back at some one at that age but it would so suck if you died the next day in a crash or some like that.I have to say i would like to see more about Hell Girl her self as this show gos on.If you would like to see this show it is on IFC at 11:30 pm PST right now.
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Ok i don't have much to say on this sense it just started but here is what i have to say.It was a little slow  and the fact they did not change the wrighting to eng made me feel like i was missing some thing.All in all it has the same kind of feel as death note.I'll keep bloging on so stop by to see how it go's ; )
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Now if you have been whaching SyFi on monday to see Mobile Suit Gudam 00 you have got to see that the three new gudams  and there pilots and not true gundam masters and are a little off in the head if you ask me.I hope they are  stopped befor they kill more or hurt more people that are  not part of war. On a side note i'm thinking about getting a tattoo of  Exiai just  need the right pic.
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This show will take hold of you and shack your vary soul.Now if you are in to what evil lies in a mans heath this show is for you!This show it twisted and sad.I don't want to say to much in case you have never seen this.Lets just say these are not your run of the mill ghost story's and they never have a happy ending.If you can take this kind of thing this is a must see.
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