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Now i got in to this show hafe way in to it so it took me some time to figer out what it was about. I found this show like non i have ever  seen be for. It was more belive able and it could have really happen in real life.I would love to see it from the start i just hope it will reshow.If any one know about this show i would love to here what you have to say about this.
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Ok this is getting hella good and Hell girl is really helping these people make there mind.I think it was cool she showed the girl what happen to her mom.But did she need to go to hell.......Fing  yes that cheating old hag needed to die. I still want to know more about Hell Girl her self i hope they show this latter on in the show.
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Let's start with FMA: Brotherhood, This show is bad ass and so different the the 1st show but just as good.Yeah they have taken out a lot of the side story's but i have to say it's made fun to see what happens next.I would really like to see the shows side by side to see all the changes made in the story and art work.
Ok now the new show Kekkaishi, Now at 1st i did not think i was going to like this show but it is really moving a long nicely and now that the older brother is in the show i can see ware some of the back story is coming from.All in all it mite end up as one of my top fav's.
Ok what you been waiting for Bleach the new Ep. was was pissed off what the hell ware they thinking.I wanted to see Ichigo not the side story people.Hopefully it will be back to Ichigo next week.
Last but not less Inu Yasha, One of my all time fav's that i think ever one should see was messed up this week as the show the same Ep. last week and now are only showing one Ep. instad of two at the latter time.But at less it's still on the air witch meens i still have hope they will but Inu Yasha FA on when it's dune being dubbed.
the rest of the shows ware as fallow Cowboy Bebop and GITS:stand alone witch ware as good as ever but seen over and over.Now we have to wait tell next week to see how it go's.
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Now this is was sad but it true the world is really like this.To be on top you have to step on people but the funny thing was the geek girl was letting this happen to get back for the death of her father.If there was ever a time to use hell girl it was then talk about timing.But i feel bad that the girl is going to end up just like the boss lady.
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Ok now i have to say the man should have died and gone to hell any way.He was at a age ware he should have know his acts would have sent him to hell.I my self would not have took the deal in this case like the girl.My soul is worth more then the lost of  a dog.But thats kind of mean i love my dogs and may have gotten back at the vet but on my own.
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