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hi. i know i've not been here in while

just been busy an obessed with Youtube xD well good news is, i finally found love

met someone new. :) <3 i am finally happy. on another note, watch quite few anime, such as kamekaze Katio Jenne, Buso Rankin, and soul eater not.

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Life is a road well traveled.

although, bumpy at times

no car, nor camper needed

just your own, experiences, hardships, happi memories, and pain.

we all traveled this big marble, we found outselves, we made discoveries

we chose own traveling music

we danced to the beat of our own drum.

we had an adventure, learning about our human sleves


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I finally got my computer back after havin it repaired, i frreakin missed it! 

e geas ri wonder one thing:will code geas r3, make it to the U.SA? or will it end up on our U.S dvd shelf? dvd?
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Dreams r made of this, 
of hope an peace. 
Disasters r made of this, 
of lies an mistrust. 
Dreams help u fly. 
an soar o' so high. 
Disasters weight u down 
an u fall to earth.  
So dream a beautiful dream , 
put disaster out of your mind. 
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my prince. 
my knight. 
he is so sweet an brave. 
i lay in his lap,  as he pilots his knightmare shinko through the night sky. 
i am warm lying next to my love. 
he caress's my hair an kisses lips. 
his kisses r warm an sweet an oh so nice! 
I love my sweet knight, who who honor his wife. 
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