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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

Is superman the only name you see in the Op? Superman had more listed because he had the most inaccurate feats to debunk. I haven't even listed all of them. Thor and others have already been added to the one on Comicvine. I saw no point in adding more characters after people in this thread decided they would rather whine and complain about it not being a battle. So apparently people have gotten pretty comfortable with having the same users spam the same scans out of context scans in every manga vs comic thread while insulting everyone who disagrees with them until the thread is locked. Ok. *shrugs*

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

It goes beyond just being inconsistent. The feats that are being used for certain characters are grossly out of context. Quite frankly I Just got tired of reading through all the battle threads on this site and seeing a good portion of the anime vs manga threads locked. They get locked after the same individuals spam the same scans from comics they've never even read before. Instead of allowing a debate to continue they would rather turn every topic into a damn flame war. And the worst part if the scans they spam are all out of context. Thread gets locked which was their objective in the first place. The most beautiful part about that is, i guarantee if you ask for the comic title, issue number and the scan unedited you wont get it. Because the people who use these scans don't know which comic they're from. It's dumb. Instead of allowing this thread to help educate people and help allow a proper debate to be held, some would rather whine and complain about this thread not being a battle. It is what it is. But as i said, at least the one on comicvine has taken off.

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

@sickVisionz said:

I think this thread has relevance because non-anime/manga characters are regularly used in battle threads. This thread isn't about adding them to the Wiki or anything that actually wouldn't be a valid use of the site, it's specifically for the legit battle threads that use these characters. The fact that it's focused on DC characters does nothing to change that.

I created this thread specifically to help in the battle forums. Whenever it's a anime vs comic thread the exact same scans get spammed, people who have no idea where their scans come from screams mismatch and the thread gets locked. It's completely dreadful to watch so i thought i'd try and help out. I was in the process of adding more characters when it was moved so I didn't really see the point. At least it's being put to good use over at comicvine. *shrugs*

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

@Destinyheroknight:@Yusuke52: If you had at all bothered to read my post instead of immediately jumping into whining and complaining for no real reason, you would have read i would be adding to it, and that i hope others would too. And the very first comic i added was Invincible, that is neither a dc or marvel comics. I know what this site is for and yet that doesn't nullify the fact that a comic related thread takes place here more often than not. It doesn't change the fact that the feats above keep being used and they are wildly out of context. If threads are going to continue to feature comic book characters then the very few who still come to this site, will need to be informed that they are using the wrong information. Instead of spamming misinformation on characters they never bothered learning about. Its really that simple. Save any rebuttal you might have, because i'm done discussing this. Dont like or dislike my thread, fine. Think its out of place, flag it. If comic characters are still being debated on this site then there shouldn't be a problem when i point out that scans that people use in these threads are severely out of context. Yo'd think after having every anime vs comic thread locked, you'd appreciate a thread in which someone is trying to stop that. My next reply in this thread will be of me posting more scans, not to reply to shallow complaints.

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

@Destinyheroknight: I'm not going to repeat myself, nor am i going to get into an argument with you. If you dislike the thread, dont post in it. It's really that simple. This thread is no different from the one asking for feats stickied at the top of the page.

@taichokage said:

I can appreciate the content but if it's on animevice it isn't supposed to be in the battle forum. It's actually against the site rules.

I posted this thread here because quite frankly, from what i've seen of of this place, most of you dont know anything about comics outside of out of context scans on the internet. So basically people are debating characters they know nothing about, spreading false information about the character they know nothing bout, and then turn around and get threads locked because they are relentlessly using scans they know nothing about. This thread is needed. If you dont think so, ignore it.

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

@Destinyheroknight: This is an anime/manga site overrun by anime fans who think they know comics because they saw some scans on the internet. If every battle thread featuring a comic character didnt end with a wankfest and a lock this i wouldnt have bothered. Further more if you only have negativity to add feel free to ignore the thread.

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Off-Topic » Debunking the Wank: Comic Feat Fact Check

The purpose of this thread is to debunk some popular comic feats which have become synonymous with the characters who performed them. Unfortunately most of them aren't true. I will provide the comic issue and number of the feats showing that the feats in question are out of context. Trying to inform people about the feats they think they know so well is nearly impossible while in a debate. Sorry but it's true. I'm sure you all know the type. So instead i'll post that information here. If you disagree with what if i or what i hope would be other users who would add to this thread feel free to counter with the comics issue number and the entire scan unedited instead of insults.


  • Invincible flew threw a planet

A weapon was used to destabilize the planets core so they could fly through it. It's stated on panel that they would have died otherwise. Everyone near the explosion either died or was crippled.


  • Superman held a mini blackhole in his hand.

Superman held a machine that held a mini black hole in his hand. Atom discovers a device on the watchtower that holds a black hole the sze of a dust particle. The device almost opens up which would have released the black hole. But superman clearly says on panel that he stopped it before it escapes. He is strained from the small bit of gravity that got out before it was released.

  • Superman can survive inside a black hole.

In the very few encounters superman has had with black holes in every instance it has been implied he would die if caught inside one. An artificial mini black hole was created and superman said his legs felt like they were being torn off being near it. He escapes from its pull and stops it by throwing a ship inside of it.

  • Superman endured the pull of two black holes.

Superman was inside of a Stargate type wormhole created by starlabs that connected to another world. Superman surmised that it was created by creating two black holes that had a bridge between them (a rfit in space).of space built between that would allow people to traverse light years. He and draxt were both stuck until superman accelerated to light speed.

  • Superman can move planets and moons.

Superman has never moved a planet or a moon without aid of the physically strongest beings in DC and technology. By himself he has failed to move moons equal, greater, and lower in mass than earths moon sized.

- Fails to stop the moon even with aid of a dozen Kryptonians.

- Here he is aided by a team full of magic users, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

- Here he was amped by Strange Visitor and still needed to Sun-dive to move war world and he still strained himself. War world is only the size of Pluto, which is smaller than our moon. Brainiac confirming Superman normally wouldn't have the strength.

  • Superman can destroy a planet by punching it

If that were true he wouldn't have needed to fly into one a near light speeds to destroy a moon, knocking himself out in the process. There is no on panel evidence to back up Clark's hyperbole.

  • Superman is Faster than light.

Perhaps the most prevalent Superman myth. But in reality Superman has never been shown to achieve faster than light speeds post Crisis. Trying to convince people of this in a debate is futile. Nevertheless the facts are the facts. A commonly used feat

- Nowhere in the picture does it state that superman is traveling faster than light. No indication of how long it took him to fly to the moon. In actuality the picture is stating that superman is not Superluminal. "Space bends around him at this speed time slows down." This is describing the process of approaching light speed. Dont take my word for it. Take NASA's

- He says he's not Superluminal.

Superman v2 195
Superman v2 195
  • Superman can tank almost anything.

- Superman did not survive a supernova. It was a regular sun that exploded thanks to Brainiac. And he was knocked out cold.

- Superman was knocked out cold by the merging of Apokolips and New Genesis


  • Flash wins because he can go superluminal

Flash (wally west) rarely ever goes superluminal, because when he does he will either be sucked into the speed force or gets time displaced.

- Even when boosted in power to fight zoom, he only went light speed. It is also implied Flash needs to build up speed to reach light speed under normal circumstances.

- I would also like to point out that nanoseconds and picoseconds are not superluminal speed feats. Nano and pico seconds are used to measure the distance light has traveled. I don't know why writers continue to use them in regards to speedsters in comics. But nevertheless they don't really make much sense.

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