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Wiki Project threads are reference guides and update logs with franchise or series-specific info. Remember to Always check the wiki style guide before editing the wiki for Anime Vice!


Active users who helped with this project: Bigheart711 (Both Sites)

Major props go to Lan for filling in the episode summaries even though she's not active here anymore.

I'll replace this with a banner image SOON, so don't worry!
I'll replace this with a banner image SOON, so don't worry!

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Note: This is mainly for Anime Vice's edits, but some of the important edits for Screened will also be recorded within my updates. FYI, Only add an anime series to Screened if said series is being legally streamed, or if it happens to be available on Netflix or iMDb in general as referred to their site FAQ.

Important Pages

These following pages are either common or specific to this franchise. Pages listed but not linked haven't yet been added to the wiki database for AV.


Common: School, Japan, Earth.

Specific: Ohtori Academy


Common: Duel, Bully, Cross-Dressing, Dances And Balls, Dark Past (Utena, Anthy), Flashback, Interracial Romance, Magical Girl, Pet Owner, Shoujo, Suspicious Smile, Unreal Hair Color (Anthy, Miki, etc.), Womanizer, Yuri, Body Swap, Explosion.


Common: Katana, School Uniform, Glasses, Skateboard, Bamboo Sword, Dress, Piano, Curry Rice, Diary.

Specific: Rose Seal, Sword of Dios

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April 2nd through 8th, 2012

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