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Looking around the wiki, I noticed that the Someday's Dreamers series doesn't seem have much content, so I'm planing to add characters for the series as well as to repair the page for its anime, but I'll have to go for the manga series first because I'm more familiar with it (as well as adding it's spin-off) and then moving on to the anime version. There's also a page repair mini-project for Princess Tutu since I plan to do a major project for it on Screened (The series even has a Hulu page, so that should help ;p ). Now, let's get to another subject since we're present into this blog...

There's a Main Image problem going on around here.

I noticed that there are a lot of main images for shows have either a random episode card or a screencap of the last episode. I think that's a problem because not only that I think it might violate a site rule or two, but it could also give out some major spoilers (which is very bad for some that might be starting out on the target series). In my opinion, I would rather stick with using the title card or an official poster image used to promote the series. Now that it's out of my chest, I want to hear what some of the community thinks about this matter. Thanks for your time, everyone.

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