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For about a couple of months now, I've been on a rampage against wiki pages that were unformatted and had spoiler tags on here and fixing them. During the time when I was still new to this place, I have added some anime characters to the database that I plan to fill in very soon, but that's a secret project that will be revealed later. I'm also open for any other projects that any of you wiki editors on this site already have, so PM me here if you need me. ;)

Meanwhile on Screened...

I also did some more anime-related things on Screened and would like to share them with you. While I was still working on the characters for Sailor Moon and some other shows I was checking out, I halted the project temporarily in order to create the Gunslinger Girl mini-project on Screened in honor of the "Assassins" theme week. So far I added the show and the main characters. I also plan to start off another new anime-related project as well as a project involving other types of cartoons on that site right after I'm done with all of the Sailor Moon characters. 
That's it for what I have in store for both sites, but you can also PM me over there in case you want to help me with those things! 

-- Bigheart711/James B. Anime Vice regular and fellow cartoon fanatic. (Twitter: @MasterMenos)
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