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I will write the episode 9's for CHEDCL and Tokyo Ghoul Root A very soon! Those who read my other blog, I have something to share with you exclusively!
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We had a huge roster of manga to deal with this week! So huge, we attempted to have a special guest speak about them, but sadly they were too busy with life. Happens to us all, don't worry about it. ;p Please let me know what any of you think about the new banners since there will be related images every week. Let's start with someone very cute! <3

Quick Rundown

Bigheart's Thoughts

Much to my dismay on how many TV series I'm currently watching in general, Kimi Ni Todoke, Vampire Knight's Anime and Claymore's Manga are still on my "To Watch/Read" list, so I better keep the heck up. I'm not that caught up with One Piece either, but I thought it was interesting to talk about the huge number of volumes by now. <3 Fluffy, Fluffy Cinamoroll looks very cute. So cute, that I might try it out after all for fun. Finally, one manga from Taka's (rather dark) past shows up and I thought it would be better off reading it for the story since I think it would be more plot-driven than any other H-Manga I read.

Takashichea's Thoughts

Shamefully, I have read Velvet Kiss which is about Nitta Shin, an average businessman, has won the lottery, but he signed a contract while being drunk in a one night stand. He gets into a debt of 80 million Yen. His creditor tells him to keep a certain woman company in order for his debt to disappear. It's a good story, but if you're looking for more sex, you better skip this one. I'm interested in Vampire Knight vol. 14 and the manga for Pokemon Black and White. I have watched and read Vampire Knight but not Pokemon. I'm not familiar with the others. I heard of Claymore from Sotyfan16's Beginner Guide, but I haven't had time to try it. I'm looking forward to reading Rosario Vampire Season 2 which so much better than the anime. I'm behind in D. Gray-man, and I'm on volume 14 or so. I didn't know they were on 22. I tend to read manga from the library which is behind in the volumes. On a side note, I noticed a trend that Yaoi books on Amazon tend to be cheaper than Rightstuff. All the adult books were released on July 4th. :)


  • More manga series have been linked! :)
  • I re-worked the banner by moving the AV logo. I think this looks better.

This Week's Releases

Major props go to Takashichea for helping me with the abnormally large manga roster we got this week. Sources are from RIghtStuf.comand

Anime Series

Name (Format)SRP
(BR/DVD) Price
(BR/DVD) Price
Release Date
AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day (Complete Subbed Series DVD)$69.99NIS AmericaN/A$51.997/3/2012
Hetalia Season 4 (World Series Part 2 DVD) [Reg. and Limited Edition (Special)]Regular: $34.98
Special: $39.98
FUNimationRegular: $32.99
Special: $22.99
Regular: $20.99
Special: $23.99
Hidamari Sketch x SP (Subbed DVD)$14.98Sentai Filmworks$12.99$8.997/3/2012
Kimi ni Todoke (Box Set 3, Premium Edition)$69.99NIS America$72.60$51.997/3/2012
Matchless Raijin-Oh (DVD Vol. 4)$23.99Anime Midstream$23.99$17.996/30/2012
Needless (Complete Collection DVD/BR)BR: $89.98
DVD: $79.98
Sentai FilmworksBR: $89.98
DVD: $79.98
BR: $67.49
DVD: $59.99

Manga Volumes

Name & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Animal Land Vol. 5Kodansha$10.99$10.99$8.247/03/2012
Bakuman Vol. 12Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Bleach Vol. 42Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Bleach Vol. 43Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Claymore Vol. 20Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
D. Gray-Man Vol. 22Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Dengiki Daisy Vol. 10Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Finder Vol. 6: Passion Within the View FinderDigital Manga Publishing$13.95$7.84$10.467/04/2012
Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll Vol. 4Viz$7.99$7.99$5.997/03/2012
FlutterDigital Manga Publishing$12.95$8.94$9.717/04/2012
Hana-Kimi Omnibus Vol. 7-9Viz$14.99None$11.247/03/2012
Jiu Jiu Vol. 1Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Mameshiba Vol. 2: We Could Be HeroesViz$6.99$6.99$5.247/03/2012
Maohden Vol. 1Digital Manga Publishing$12.95$12.95$9.717/04/2012
My Cute CrossdresserProject-H$17.95$9.64$13.467/04/2012
Naruto Vol. 57Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Natsume's Book of Friends Vol. 12Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
One Piece Vol. 63Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Oresama Teacher Vol. 9Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Pokemon Black and White Vol. 8Viz$4.99$4.99$3.747/3/2012
Psyren Vol. 5Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/3/2012
Rin-ne Vol. 9Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/3/2012
Rosario Vampire Season 2 Vol. 9Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Secretary's JobDigital Manga Publishing$12.95$6.96$9.717/04/2012
Skip Beat! Vol. 28Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Skip Beat! Omnibus Vol. 7-9Viz$14.99None$11.997/03/2012
Vampire Knight Vol. 14Viz$9.99$9.99$7.497/03/2012
Velvet KissProject-H$17.95$9.73$13.467/04/2012
Winx Club Vol. 1Viz$6.99$6.99$5.247/03/2012
Winx Club Vol. 2Viz$6.99$6.99$5.247/03/2012

If any of you don't mind, my Twitter Name is @MasterMenos while Takashichea's is also @Takashichea on Twitter. Follow us and also give Bigheart your honest thoughts on the new banner.

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