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Panty and Stocking are finally on DVD, but Kirino, Chibi-Moon, a Bunny Girl and a Cat-Girl (both from the one shocking series that NEVER got away) seem to have stowed away this week. Me and Takashichea talked about those releases and one of us are chronocling these and the other past anime and manga releases in two seperate lists. Now, let's get the [BLEEP] back to business.

Quick Rundown

Bigheart's Thoughts

I had fun watching the subbed version of panty and Stocking and while checking out the two episodes of the dubbed version, I was having a lot of fun with it once again. I intended to buy the set, but it looks like I'll have to save up. Speaking of which, I'm still finishing up Sailor V and Volume 6 of the Sailor Moon manga gets an North American Re-Release. I seriously need to catch up. T_T As for Cool Devices, I came across that hentai over a year ago, and I thought it wasn't as vile as some other H-Series. However, it was one of the most frightening due to a few torture scenes between episodes. It was claimed as the worst thing that was animated by many reviewers back then, so their end of that bargain must have been far worse than mine. I bet those poor reviewers still might not want to look back on it anytime soon since it's gotten another multiple volume re-release.

Takashichea's Thoughts

I haven't seen Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and I know for sure I don't want to try out Cool Devices. I'm more into smut not hardcore H stuff. For Sailor Moon, I'm more familiar with the anime, and I haven't read the manga. I definitely buy it or checked it out from the library. I'm not a strong fan like you BigHeart711, but I had some favorite characters, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask. Fairy Tail Volume 20 is the end of the Nirvana arc, and I'm excited to read it.

This Week's Releases

Sources are from and and this time, we have images! <3

UPDATE: YES! We have them all! Additional links also added.

Anime Series

ImageAnime (Format)CompanySRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comDate Released
Volume 1
Volume 1
Cool Devices (in 4 Separate Volumes)Critical MassPer Volume: $9.99Per Volume: $8.99Per Volume: $7.497/10/12
Complete Series
Complete Series
Cool Devices (Complete Series)Critical Mass$39.99$34.99$29.997/10/12
Dirty Pair Flash (Complete Series)RightStuf/Nozomi Entertainment$39.99$34.99$29.997/10/12
El Cazador de la Bruja (Full Series, S.A.V.E. Edition)FUNimation$29.98$20.78$17.997/10/12
Complete Series
Complete Series
Mahoromatic (Complete Series)Sentai Filmworks$59.98$49.99$44.997/10/12
Mahoromatic: I'm Home (OVA)Sentai Filmworks$29.98$24.99$22.997/10/12
MeiKingCritical Mass$14.99$12.99$7.997/10/12
Naruto Shippuden (Uncut DVD Set 11)Viz Media$49.95$29.96$29.997/10/12
Oreimo [My Little Stster can't Be This Cute](Complete Series)Aniplex USA$54.98N/A$44.987/10/12
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (Complete Limited Edition Series)FUNimation$64.98$49.99$38.997/10/12
Queen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye(Complete Series)Media Blasters$49.99$35.96$37.497/10/12

Extra Merchandise

We only have image of extra merc from the Oreimo DVD release, which looks very good by my standards.

Manga Volumes

ImageName & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Afterschool Charisma Vol. 6Viz Media$12.997.549.747/10/12
Awkward Silence Vol. 1SuBLime/Viz Media$12.9912.999.747/10/12
Case Closed Vol. 43Viz Media$9.999.997.497/10/12
Fairy Tail Vol. 20Kodansha Comics$10.998.348.247/10/12
Flowers of Evil Vol. 2Vertical$10.958.228.217/10/12
GTO: The Early Years Vol. 13Vertical$12.9510.279.717/10/12
Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol. 35Kodansha Comics$10.99None8.247/10/12
Ooku: The Inner Chambers Vol. 7Viz Media$12.997.619.747/10/12
Punch Up! Vol. 1SuBLime?Viz Media$12.9912.999.747/10/12
Sailor Moon Vol. 6Kodansha Comics$10.998.118.247/10/12
Shugo Chara-chan! Vol. 4Kodansha Comics$10.9910.998.247/10/12

If any of you don't mind, my Twitter Name is @MasterMenos while Takashichea's is also @Takashichea on Twitter. Follow us and also note us if we've seem to have messed up somewhere.

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