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I will write the episode 9's for CHEDCL and Tokyo Ghoul Root A very soon! Those who read my other blog, I have something to share with you exclusively!
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Sorry I couldn't bring this to you sooner, but me and Taka still happen to have a life outside the sites we visit. Anyway, we had a lot to cover for you guys!

Quick Rundown

This is the last you'll see of this banner because I'm making a new one!
This is the last you'll see of this banner because I'm making a new one!

Bigheart's Thoughts

First, let me get this out of the way: It looks like RightStuf seems to have just recieved a bunch of old copies of the Hetalia Manga from somewhere, so they have them listed on sale. It seems a bit depressing since the covers are still from the Tokyopop versions. Moving forward, My most interesting catch is the full series re-release of the first Lupin III series. I don't remember seeing much of it right now, but it must've been fun. I haven't checked out Fujiko Mine yet, but I plan to see it soon (even though I'm already knee-deep into another wiki project right now). Some others that caught my eye was the release of Gantz Vol. 23, Blue Exorcist DVD Vol. 4 and the full series "Classic Collections" release of the Ouran High School Host Club anime. I already saw OHSHC and it was fun, but I bet the other ones might be pretty good. One more side note: Pokemon Conquest, the collaberation between the titular franchise and Nobunaga's Ambition has been released recently, and it looks pretty good. Heck, one of the characters prouldly has a Luxio. :) [picture and a few links via]

Takashichea's Thoughts

Out of the four (Bigheart) mentioned earlier, I have tried Blue Exorcist on Crunchyroll and Lupin the Third on UTB Hollywood. I love Blue Exorcist, but I'm at a loss with the ending since volume 4 covers episodes 20-25. It has a strong introduction, yet the anime is too short. For Lupin III, I love the show, and I wish I can watch more of it. My favorite character is Goemon due to two episodes that dealt with him: his past and a love interest that pretended to be a ghost. I've heard of Ouran High School Host Club due to my sister's obsession with it. I'll try it because I'm curious why my little sister likes it. After reading Gantz's synopsis and critic's receptions, it's in the same boat with Deadman Wonderland except with aliens. Both are very gory manga series. I don't know if I should try another anime like Deadman Wonderland.

This Week's Releases

Sources are from, and Next week, we aim for another article to come around on time (as in Next Wednesday)! @__@

Anime Series

Name (Format)SRP (BR/DVD)* Price (BR/DVD) Price (BR/DVD)Release Date
Towanoquon (Blu-Ray)$69.98Sentai Filmworks$42.48$41.996/26/2012
Blue Exorcist 4 (DVD)$37.48Aniplex of America$48.98$29.986/29/2012
Lupin the 3rd: First TV Series Complete Collection (DVD)$59.95Eastern Star$49.99$44.966/26/2012
Ouran High School Host Club Complete Series (DVD)BR: $49.98
FunimationBR: $28.85
DVD: $34.99
BR: $29.99
DVD: $29.99
Maria-Holic: Alive$49.98Sentai Filmworks$44.99$37.496/26/2012

Manga Volumes

Name & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 3Tokyopop$15.99N/A$10.996/26/2012
Gantz Vol. 23Dark Horse$12.99$10.39$9.746/20/2012
Alice in the Country of Clover: Bloody TwinsSeven Seas$13.99$10.95$10.996/30/12
Alice in the Country of Hearts Omnibus 3Yen Press$18.99$15.19$14.246/26/12
Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 12Seven Seas$11.99$9.19$8.996/30/2012
Olympos OmnibusYen Press$18.99N/A$14.246/26/2012
Spice and Wolf Vol. 6Yen Press$11.99$8.76$8.996/26/2012
Witch Hunter Vol. 1-2Seven Seas$16.99$11.19$12.746/30/2012
Witch & Wizard Vol. 2Yen Press$12.99$10.39$9.746/26/2012
Sunshine Sketch Vol. 6Yen Press$11.99$9.29$8.996/26/2012
Kobato Vol. 6Yen Press$11.99$6.62$8.996/26/2012

Videogames of Interest

NamePublisher(s)Companie(s)SystemsAmazon.comGamestop.comRelease Date
Pokemon ConquestNintendo, The Pokémon CompanyTecmo KoeiNintendo DS$39.69$34.996/18/2012

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