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Dealing with just HER alone was hard enough, but....
Dealing with just HER alone was hard enough, but....

As if more excitement (or concern) has elevated for Pokemon Black & White's sequel games, It was recently confirmed by AnimeNewsNetwork that there will also be an event added to them called the "Pokemon World Tournament" where many gym leaders and a number of champions from the previous regions and generations will challenge each other. The player character in B&W2 will be involved with the following...

Gym Leaders

  • Brock (Takeshi), Kanto's Rock-Type Leader
  • Misty (Kasumi), Kanto's Water-Type Leader
  • Giovanni (Sakaki), Kanto's Ground-Type Leader (Uh-Oh...)
  • Volkner (Denzi), Sinnoh's Electric-Type Leader


And there will definitely be more where all of that came from! Outside of the tournament, Cheren will return as a Gym Leader of Unova and Bianca (Bell) will become an assistant to Professor Juniper (Araragi) in the games while Cynthia and Dawn (Hikari) are also confirmed for the anime version's second season, which will be unveiled in Japan on June 21st.

Pokemon Black and White 2's Japanese release will be in June and will later be released to North America in Fall 2012.

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