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FINALLY ON BREAK! The classes went very well too, but I'm all wo' out. WIll do some wiki work since I feel like it right now.
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Okay, THAT was MY fault!: Bigheart's Created Pages

As I remembered the days when I was just a new Vice user who was still inexperienced at the boards (despite a huge dislike of the ANN board's spoiler tags), I suddenly remembered what was created and had helped the community with my know-how along with most of the other WM sites. These pages are what I'm responsible for creating. More adds are coming soon, and a big "thank you" for all the current and former Mods & Staffers for helping me.

Note: Not all of the pages in the first few entries were added by me. They were displayed for cronicalization. If the entry says that I made it, then I made it!

1. Hervé Girardot
2. Lula Ferhlan
3. Jeremy Charles Ferhlan
4. Mimi
5. Apos
6. Sayara Yamanobe
7. Ruon Clones
8. Ruon Kamiyama
9. Koki Maeno
10. Teruki Maeno
11. Mishio Maeno
12. Time Fruit
13. Self Mutilation
14. Manami Anzai
15. Katsumi Sako
16. Yuko Shinozuka

I watched the live-action drama of the series she's in, which I learned her first name.

17. Quest for Manhood
18. Quest for Womanhood
19. Rico
20. Secret Past

I thought of Mikuru Asahina first when I created this page.

21. Aya Hoshino
22. Miyu Yamazaki
23. Yamato Kotobuki
24. Sayo Kotobuki
25. Mami Honda
26. Harue Kudou
27. Tatsuki Kuroi
28. Yuuya Asou
29. Rei Otohata
30. Kogal
31. Edel
32. Drosselmeyer
33. The Raven
34. Uzura
35. Ahoge
36. Suspicious Smile
37. Cinnamon Meilleure
38. Candy Mieux
39. Duke
40. Blanca
41. Cal Devens
42. Pet Owner
43. Nobodies
44. Xion
45. Melinda Iwashita
46. Ballet
47. Chu-Chu
48. Charlotte
49. Walpurgis Night
50. Shadow Girls
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