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Earlier this month, I decided to have my family attend AWA with me, which is the first anime convention I went to since NakaKon at Kansas City. For those wondering, Anime Weekend Atlanta is a 3-day event that starts every end of September to early October.

So, what happened back there?

I ran into many, many cosplayers throughout the trek to a Sports Bar for lunch (My dad's burger cravings took a toll on him, which was why that stop happened. The food was delicious anyways!). After lunch, we traveled around until we reached some of the food stands as well as the con's giant shopping area. My folks allowed me to look around for a period of time. Good thing I was alone too, because I ran into the Hentai section after about 5 minutes into shopping. No further detail on that except that I didn't get anything from there, otherwise things would've been screwed up between my family for obvious reasons. The same thing went with the live-action horror films that I ran into a minute after the Hentai section. (I made the grave mistake of seeing the Japanese version of the first “Ring” with my folks, and I've seen more of these films that didn't manage to give me nightmares. Well, except for Ichi The Killer. That one did.) The area was as swamped as the hallway with fellow shoppers, panelists and cosplayers.

Here's what I also saw...

  • A Pokemon-themed panel complete with a Pikachu Car.

  • An Q&A Panel

  • Another Hentai Panel (That time, it was just video games and manga)

  • A J-Pop booth and a K-Pop booth

Items Obtained

While running into those things, I did manage to score myself some merchandise, and some of it was discounted (Just my wonderful luck! <3 ) I bought a wall scroll of Trapnest (One of the rock bands revealed in the “Nana” series), a silver Kingdom Key necklace (Sora's Keyblade as a pedant), an T-Shirt and the first box set of the remastered re-release of Revolutionary Girl Utena (Saw it from my on demand service five years ago and loved it).

The Cosplay

Sorry about the quality since some were on my phone and others were on my DSi since my phone ran out of battery juice. Anyway, I got stopped by a cop, barely escaped Panty and Stocking's grasp, found a catgirl at one of the food stands and almost got bit by a vampire couple but survived it all. Pics says it did happen.


After nearly causing my head to explode out of all the awesomeness that happened, I went out when it was time and left with all my merch and some food from the stands with a smile. Definitely would like to visit it again! <3

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