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 "Wait, this isn&squot;t the usual 2-3 month blog lag! What the HELL&squot;s going on!?"
 "Wait, this isn't the usual 2-3 month blog lag! What the HELL's going on!?"
Greetings, Anime Vice! While I was messing around with the other Whiskey Media sites, I finished a mini-project for 5 people you probably never even heard of/forgot about as well as finishing part I of a bigger wiki project! I had to start out small and first made and filled in the character pages for all 5 Strawberry Marshmallow main characters, including Nobue Ito, whom was the highest in points of them all. After that, I did something much bigger in honor of the re-license and return of the Sailor Moon manga. I filled in the first 5 Sailor Senshi Members' pages I created for the past few days between my free time from studying. I especially loved gathering the first page images from the manga for each of them.

 The biggest points claimed out of this was for filling in Minako Aino's (Sailor Venus's) page and it became my third highest page in wiki points on Screened. :) There are more Senshi Members' pages (and especially pages for Luna and Artemis) to create over there later on, so, I'll have to get back to working on those after I take care of some more business for the other sites, especially here 'cause who knows how long since I edited anything for this site. Here are some more of the images from the mini-project & the main project via Screened. I'm also open for some critique for how the pages were filled in as well, so if any of you notice anything off, please inform me as you search for them.  Thanks for your time, all! <3
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