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I will write the episode 9's for CHEDCL and Tokyo Ghoul Root A very soon! Those who read my other blog, I have something to share with you exclusively!
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The more annoying posting bug's been fixed, so I can now finally release this blog. My schedule used to be too tied up to even watch anything at all up until most recently, but now, I have managed to tackle down some of what was on my radar for a while (some of them were on it for a short time, mind you). Here are a few mini-reviews that I did on them... (I won't be adding any images because I'm sure that darned image bug is still present D: )Also, please critique me on the stuff I posted so far.


After seeing Episode 1


The plot was at an interesting point after Saya Kishiwagi leaves from school, and I got some of the same feeling I had with the first episode of Blood+ from the moment when I saw the first battle against a monster with a harder shell (very sure that it's a chiropteran, though). This had me intrigued about what would happen in the next episode. I also like her new look as well as the art in the series.


The first half felt like a generic school-life plot and I have mixed emotions with Saya K.'s personality in comparison to the past versions of Saya. In this version, she's displayed as a sweetheart whom helps about anything around her and also happens to be a pettanko.

Result: 3/5

Still intrigued about what would happen with the story next.

Usagi Drop

Reaction After seeing Episode 1

 This is about a man whom decided to raise the love child of his grandfather despite his minimal experience as a parent.
The episode moved me emotionally and the characters, plot and art style were all spot on as it went from a dark time to a light-hearted moment in the ending.
Result: 5/5
Episode 2's already released, so I better get in gear whenever I have the time again! 

I will update this ultimately soon and will add more mini-reviews for the things I checked out, so keep looking out for any updates! (Or just wait until I give you all an update notice on Twitter as @MasterMenos. My anime binges are frequent on certain days of the week, FYI. )
Next Up: [C] and Tiger and Bunny!
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