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Finally enjoying the demo! It's actually very fun TBH.
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For about a couple of months now, I've been on a rampage against wiki pages that were unformatted and had spoiler tags on here and fixing them. During the time when I was still new to this place, I have added some anime characters to the database that I plan to fill in very soon, but that's a secret project that will be revealed later. I'm also open for any other projects that any of you wiki editors on this site already have, so PM me here if you need me. ;)

Meanwhile on Screened...

I also did some more anime-related things on Screened and would like to share them with you. While I was still working on the characters for Sailor Moon and some other shows I was checking out, I halted the project temporarily in order to create the Gunslinger Girl mini-project on Screened in honor of the "Assassins" theme week. So far I added the show and the main characters. I also plan to start off another new anime-related project as well as a project involving other types of cartoons on that site right after I'm done with all of the Sailor Moon characters. 
That's it for what I have in store for both sites, but you can also PM me over there in case you want to help me with those things! 

-- Bigheart711/James B. Anime Vice regular and fellow cartoon fanatic. (Twitter: @MasterMenos)
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The more annoying posting bug's been fixed, so I can now finally release this blog. My schedule used to be too tied up to even watch anything at all up until most recently, but now, I have managed to tackle down some of what was on my radar for a while (some of them were on it for a short time, mind you). Here are a few mini-reviews that I did on them... (I won't be adding any images because I'm sure that darned image bug is still present D: )Also, please critique me on the stuff I posted so far.


After seeing Episode 1


The plot was at an interesting point after Saya Kishiwagi leaves from school, and I got some of the same feeling I had with the first episode of Blood+ from the moment when I saw the first battle against a monster with a harder shell (very sure that it's a chiropteran, though). This had me intrigued about what would happen in the next episode. I also like her new look as well as the art in the series.


The first half felt like a generic school-life plot and I have mixed emotions with Saya K.'s personality in comparison to the past versions of Saya. In this version, she's displayed as a sweetheart whom helps about anything around her and also happens to be a pettanko.

Result: 3/5

Still intrigued about what would happen with the story next.

Usagi Drop

Reaction After seeing Episode 1

 This is about a man whom decided to raise the love child of his grandfather despite his minimal experience as a parent.
The episode moved me emotionally and the characters, plot and art style were all spot on as it went from a dark time to a light-hearted moment in the ending.
Result: 5/5
Episode 2's already released, so I better get in gear whenever I have the time again! 

I will update this ultimately soon and will add more mini-reviews for the things I checked out, so keep looking out for any updates! (Or just wait until I give you all an update notice on Twitter as @MasterMenos. My anime binges are frequent on certain days of the week, FYI. )
Next Up: [C] and Tiger and Bunny!
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I ran into an old QOTD topic that used to work on this site days ago and thought that I might as well answer it. I happen to love Healthy Girls a lot more than D.F.C.'s (Delicious Flat Chests). In fact, I actually cringed the first time I heard of what D.F.C. means (Laughed it off afterwards). I'm normally not bothered by women's breast sizes in anime (which means small B-Cup boobs don't bother me either), but I also get bothered if they're WAY too big.
Those are perfectly fine, but.....
THESE have gone too damn far! (no offense if any of you love this, though.)
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 "Wait, this isn&squot;t the usual 2-3 month blog lag! What the HELL&squot;s going on!?"
 "Wait, this isn't the usual 2-3 month blog lag! What the HELL's going on!?"
Greetings, Anime Vice! While I was messing around with the other Whiskey Media sites, I finished a mini-project for 5 people you probably never even heard of/forgot about as well as finishing part I of a bigger wiki project! I had to start out small and first made and filled in the character pages for all 5 Strawberry Marshmallow main characters, including Nobue Ito, whom was the highest in points of them all. After that, I did something much bigger in honor of the re-license and return of the Sailor Moon manga. I filled in the first 5 Sailor Senshi Members' pages I created for the past few days between my free time from studying. I especially loved gathering the first page images from the manga for each of them.

 The biggest points claimed out of this was for filling in Minako Aino's (Sailor Venus's) page and it became my third highest page in wiki points on Screened. :) There are more Senshi Members' pages (and especially pages for Luna and Artemis) to create over there later on, so, I'll have to get back to working on those after I take care of some more business for the other sites, especially here 'cause who knows how long since I edited anything for this site. Here are some more of the images from the mini-project & the main project via Screened. I'm also open for some critique for how the pages were filled in as well, so if any of you notice anything off, please inform me as you search for them.  Thanks for your time, all! <3
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NOTE: This blog is out of character as well as the comments for it.

Long time, no see, Role-Players.  As of this post, I'm resuming my duties as Bladering of AV until further notice (that's when the work from college gets to me again).

I'll have to explain this to you now; while I was playing as Bladering here, I played as a mirror image of him on Comic Vine as a villain just to try it out. After a while, I realized that I didn't know what I was doing with the character, despite reading the RPG rules for the Vine. After a while, I decided to create a new character for CV and take a break from there and AV because I had a lot of work to cover.

Why I tried being a villain in the first place.

It was from my first experiences on Comic Vine. Most of my comic knowledge happens to be manga, despite reading some of Dark Horse's comics. I thought of editing their manga pages as corrupting the place, even though it's all genuine. That's the reason I went from blue (Good) to red (Evil) on CV.

Why my character stayed good on AV

I have much more experience on playing as a good guy than a bad guy. I also had no intention on Bladering being an evil person after experimenting with the allignments back in my early days as a Vice user, so I ended up creating a new character for CV after the “mirror image” didn't work out.

My Verdict

I've decided to keep up Role-Playing like this because it was fun playing as both sides of the coin. My Vine character's name is still under review as well as his transformations. I also plan to change up my Vice character, but only for adding a new hair color to his looks as well as some new info that will appear for both characters. I'll (Bladering) will see you guys later! <3 BH.

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