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Dealing with just HER alone was hard enough, but....
Dealing with just HER alone was hard enough, but....

As if more excitement (or concern) has elevated for Pokemon Black & White's sequel games, It was recently confirmed by AnimeNewsNetwork that there will also be an event added to them called the "Pokemon World Tournament" where many gym leaders and a number of champions from the previous regions and generations will challenge each other. The player character in B&W2 will be involved with the following...

Gym Leaders

  • Brock (Takeshi), Kanto's Rock-Type Leader
  • Misty (Kasumi), Kanto's Water-Type Leader
  • Giovanni (Sakaki), Kanto's Ground-Type Leader (Uh-Oh...)
  • Volkner (Denzi), Sinnoh's Electric-Type Leader


And there will definitely be more where all of that came from! Outside of the tournament, Cheren will return as a Gym Leader of Unova and Bianca (Bell) will become an assistant to Professor Juniper (Araragi) in the games while Cynthia and Dawn (Hikari) are also confirmed for the anime version's second season, which will be unveiled in Japan on June 21st.

Pokemon Black and White 2's Japanese release will be in June and will later be released to North America in Fall 2012.

-Bigheart711 is an regular on Anime Vice and is still the most infamous anime fan of AV's sister site, Screened. (Twitter: @MasterMenos)

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As implied on my other blog on Screened, I made a real monstrocity that literally surfaced on "Walpurgis Night" (The night between April 30 and May 1st) following an almost all-day wiki editing rampage on there and Anime Vice. It was my way of celebrating it since I live in the US instead of Europe (Where it happens to be celebrated). Here's my rampage in a nutshell...

Added and Fixed on Anime Vice

The Walpurgis Night AWOKE! I placed it on the episodes of Madoka Magica where it appeared.

Fixed up Kozue Kaoru's Page (Which I'll give an article later)

Added on Screened

There was a Concert Film/Documentary involving a total of 32 single K-Pop artists (Three groups, a duo and two solo artists) that will also have a festival premiere in the US (Los Angeles is a lucky city. :[ ), so I added it and it became the OTHER monster that I made alongside AV's Walpurgisnacht.

I also added three more Utena characters in the database (Miki, Kozue and Juri) as well as the Sword of Dios. Articles on them will come soon after I'm done with the "Student Council Arc".

One of the shows that are being legally streamed on Crunchyroll was added. However, I didn't add an an "Useful Links" to Screened's version of "Mysterious Girlfriend X" because I honestly didn't know if adding the Crunchyroll link to the article was actually legit or not. A Hulu link's okay, though (same goes with the Anime Vice Article).

I wanted to add MUCH more on both sites, but I have a current project for that anyway and I still got School.


AV's Views for the Walpurgis and Kozue
AV's Views for the Walpurgis and Kozue
Screened&squot;s Views for "I AM."
Screened's Views for "I AM."

Thank you for all those views! You've made me very proud and I vie to make you proud back with my current project! <3 Comments on the matter are also welcome except for the spam ones. Those are the monsters that aren't welcome.

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Wiki Project threads are reference guides and update logs with franchise or series-specific info. Remember to Always check the wiki style guide before editing the wiki for Anime Vice!


Active users who helped with this project: Bigheart711 (Both Sites)

Major props go to Lan for filling in the episode summaries even though she's not active here anymore.

I'll replace this with a banner image SOON, so don't worry!
I'll replace this with a banner image SOON, so don't worry!

Franchise Page // Characters // Anime Series // Movie //

Note: This is mainly for Anime Vice's edits, but some of the important edits for Screened will also be recorded within my updates. FYI, Only add an anime series to Screened if said series is being legally streamed, or if it happens to be available on Netflix or iMDb in general as referred to their site FAQ.

Important Pages

These following pages are either common or specific to this franchise. Pages listed but not linked haven't yet been added to the wiki database for AV.


Common: School, Japan, Earth.

Specific: Ohtori Academy


Common: Duel, Bully, Cross-Dressing, Dances And Balls, Dark Past (Utena, Anthy), Flashback, Interracial Romance, Magical Girl, Pet Owner, Shoujo, Suspicious Smile, Unreal Hair Color (Anthy, Miki, etc.), Womanizer, Yuri, Body Swap, Explosion.


Common: Katana, School Uniform, Glasses, Skateboard, Bamboo Sword, Dress, Piano, Curry Rice, Diary.

Specific: Rose Seal, Sword of Dios

Recent Updates

Up to ten recent updates will be recorded in this opening page.

April 2nd through 8th, 2012

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Looking around the wiki, I noticed that the Someday's Dreamers series doesn't seem have much content, so I'm planing to add characters for the series as well as to repair the page for its anime, but I'll have to go for the manga series first because I'm more familiar with it (as well as adding it's spin-off) and then moving on to the anime version. There's also a page repair mini-project for Princess Tutu since I plan to do a major project for it on Screened (The series even has a Hulu page, so that should help ;p ). Now, let's get to another subject since we're present into this blog...

There's a Main Image problem going on around here.

I noticed that there are a lot of main images for shows have either a random episode card or a screencap of the last episode. I think that's a problem because not only that I think it might violate a site rule or two, but it could also give out some major spoilers (which is very bad for some that might be starting out on the target series). In my opinion, I would rather stick with using the title card or an official poster image used to promote the series. Now that it's out of my chest, I want to hear what some of the community thinks about this matter. Thanks for your time, everyone.

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Earlier this month, I decided to have my family attend AWA with me, which is the first anime convention I went to since NakaKon at Kansas City. For those wondering, Anime Weekend Atlanta is a 3-day event that starts every end of September to early October.

So, what happened back there?

I ran into many, many cosplayers throughout the trek to a Sports Bar for lunch (My dad's burger cravings took a toll on him, which was why that stop happened. The food was delicious anyways!). After lunch, we traveled around until we reached some of the food stands as well as the con's giant shopping area. My folks allowed me to look around for a period of time. Good thing I was alone too, because I ran into the Hentai section after about 5 minutes into shopping. No further detail on that except that I didn't get anything from there, otherwise things would've been screwed up between my family for obvious reasons. The same thing went with the live-action horror films that I ran into a minute after the Hentai section. (I made the grave mistake of seeing the Japanese version of the first “Ring” with my folks, and I've seen more of these films that didn't manage to give me nightmares. Well, except for Ichi The Killer. That one did.) The area was as swamped as the hallway with fellow shoppers, panelists and cosplayers.

Here's what I also saw...

  • A Pokemon-themed panel complete with a Pikachu Car.

  • An Q&A Panel

  • Another Hentai Panel (That time, it was just video games and manga)

  • A J-Pop booth and a K-Pop booth

Items Obtained

While running into those things, I did manage to score myself some merchandise, and some of it was discounted (Just my wonderful luck! <3 ) I bought a wall scroll of Trapnest (One of the rock bands revealed in the “Nana” series), a silver Kingdom Key necklace (Sora's Keyblade as a pedant), an T-Shirt and the first box set of the remastered re-release of Revolutionary Girl Utena (Saw it from my on demand service five years ago and loved it).

The Cosplay

Sorry about the quality since some were on my phone and others were on my DSi since my phone ran out of battery juice. Anyway, I got stopped by a cop, barely escaped Panty and Stocking's grasp, found a catgirl at one of the food stands and almost got bit by a vampire couple but survived it all. Pics says it did happen.


After nearly causing my head to explode out of all the awesomeness that happened, I went out when it was time and left with all my merch and some food from the stands with a smile. Definitely would like to visit it again! <3

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