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Welcome, again to my blog! I recently attended MomoCon 2014 and man, it was fun! Although, I went aggro and visited a lot of places and didn't even have lunch until much later and even met a few friends along the way. The stay in the Dealer's Room was quite long and while I was in the con, my family also had fun and even took a pic of someone as a Minecraft character. Surprisingly, I also ran into a card area and got a few cards and sleeves as well. The stuff that I obtained from there including gifts was...

  • A Bebe / Charlotte plushie (Madoka Franchise)
  • A poster picture of Rue Kuroha from Artist's Alley (it was by Skimlines)
  • DVD sets of Humanity has Declined and the K-On! Movie
  • A “rug-like” plushie of Menchi from Excel Saga
  • A starter pack for Future Card Buddyfight and the Secret Rare version of CEO Amaterasu (a Vanguard card)
  • A Team Rocket Grunt shirt
  • Some Otonano Milk Pocky and Lychee-flavored Calpico (drink) for snacks as I was walking

And here are two of the most notable gifts:

WAY more stuff than I had at my past cons! I hope I don't ever get reckless when I go to a con for the full 3 to 4 days.

The Pictures!

I used a new phone that I had this time and took all kinds of photos! This time, I met up with some Power Rangers, ran into some Kill La Kill cosplayers, found some people from Frozen, discovered a few Madoka characters and somehow screwed up and met Yuno and a SWAT team. Yeah, it was awesome. I feel much stronger because of this and it's not just from the nearly endless walk and the complements I got from my Vocoloid shirt. (That long register line in the beginning of it, though!) XD

Thanks for reading, everyone! It's been too long since I had such fun, especially since my last blog, but I hope to have more times like this in my life. See you guys later!

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Well, welcome to the first ADW of 2014 and this means and during all that time the blog wasn't updated, I had some heavy IRL stuff in the mix of raising my GPA, but I prevailed and everything was solved and it even had me closer to my family. (In short, fuck 2013. Right in that ass.) Now, let's get everything back up to speed for this year!

First off, Anime.

The previous season was bananas for what I ended up enjoying, but because school was getting real, I only managed to check out Lady Jewelpet, Chiaka, The Coffin Princess and Mekaku City Actors and out of these, Mekaku City Actors claimed my heart from Episode 1, was a bit iffy about Chiaka after 1 episode, and Jewelpet was a cheesefest, but it was fun. I got yet to check out some others, however and hope to do so soon after things wind down.

Thankfully, my Master Computer at home isn't like this...
Thankfully, my Master Computer at home isn't like this...

Sylveon and Gold

I went to two malls in separate days: The first was in the Great Mall of Georgia and the second was in North Pointe Mall. While North Point did have some charm and had a store where I found a plushie of Sylveon, I ended up having much more fun at the Great Mall for the areas we explored. I really want to look at the GMG when the Christmas decorations are about.

How I Feel about School Right Now

It actually feels like a corrupt system in my school despite my strong drive to reach for graduation. Recently, I had to switch a class to a refresher course (but I was refunded for that class, which was rare for a college) and found out that my academic advisor registered me one stage too early for the course. Well, better than getting auto-failed by someone who was nice most of the time (that's if I had declined the advisor's plan). There are also too many corrupt teachers, especially the few teachers who I had the most trouble with for one class until a much better teacher showed up and managed to get me out of these courses with great grades. One of them was so bad, it took me years until last quarter to pass it and the other times were from the one teacher who turns her students into academic cattle if they make just one false move. If it weren't for good teachers about and the people I met that turned out to be friends later on, my drive would be much less stronger than it is today.

Finally, a Tournament Report!

During the time that I was off, I participated in two tournaments. One was a draft for Vanguard, the other was a full tournament of the same game. In the previous draft, I only had two holo cards. One was pulled and the other was given to me on accident during the rotation (I kept it) I ended up being very close to first place until I decked out due to taking one damage point further than him. I got back at him when he asked if the one card I actually pulled (Ethics Buster Extreme) was open by replying that it was already traded. The look of his face was priceless. The full tournament was nearly as more troublesome as the draft, but I managed to reach into the top 8 with my deck (PR<3ISM Bermudas). Both actually ended up being fun despite the last battle where me and my opponent was gradelocked (Stuck at Grade 2 or lower).

I have another mat to consider, but I also want to use this one to piss my rivals off. XD
I have another mat to consider, but I also want to use this one to piss my rivals off. XD

Thanks for reading this rather long blog of mine. I hope to bring more of my misadventures to you guys soon. :)

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To end up having to share this when another convention is nearing is quite shameful, but school was kicking my ass to no end during the time. I'll share with you what I remember of AWA 2013. I managed to get a DVD boxset of Princess Tutu that was about and I also had a poster of Chi (Chobits). I can't remember what else I bought, however. What I clearly remember, however...

Cosplay Photos!

Many, many cosplay photos were taken, including someone dressed as Charlotte, the meet-up with someone who ended up on TV a couple of times (I also end up in a pic with her!), found someone in a rediculous Marshall Lee getup, end up meeting Chi and Fraeya, found Mitsuru loafing around and met up with a good ninja friend of mine.

Sorry that this is so short, but to compensate with it, my next adventure is the first of 2014 and it should already be up after this blog. Until next time, see you!

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In the name of the moon, the punishment is REAL!
In the name of the moon, the punishment is REAL!

After some long delays, it looks like the July 2014 setting for newly named Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is for real when the official poster and synopsis appeared on Toei's official website for the project. It revealed the previously announced staff credits as well as the countdown meter that was shown on the previous day.

The synopsis:

"Usagi Tsukino is a second-year middle school girl who is a little clumsy and a crybaby, but she is full of energy. One day, she meets Luna, a black cat with a crescent moon on her forehead, and she transforms into Sailor Moon, a sailor-uniformed pretty guardian of love and justice! As a chosen guardian of justice, Usagi seems to have a mission to find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other guardians and to protect the princess.

Meanwhile, the queen of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, also sends minions to the town where Usagi lives to obtain the Illusionary Silver Crystal, which has immense power. This causes strange events to unfold….

Can Sailor Moon really find the Illusionary Silver Crystal with the other Sailor guardians, and protect the princess…!?"

The anime will be streamed worldwide via NicoNico, and it will be an adaptation of the original manga and not just a remake.

EDIT: It turns out that the revealed picture and information was leaked early when the countdown failed to process and well, the cats went out of the bag quickly. There was also a site page by Toei, but it went 404 on us even though everything is revealed now.

Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork, Crunchyroll

Note: This is about the release of the Sailor Moon Remake. To talk about the series and the past iterations in general as it will go on, please visit the Sailor Moon Discussion.

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Everyone, meet your new emperor! All hail Emperor Wooser!
Everyone, meet your new emperor! All hail Emperor Wooser!

In case none of you know me at all, I'm one of those guys that just happen to like the cutesy stuff at times. The Wooser franchise is no different with it's art style, but Wooser's antics with the other characters and his lazy attitude ended up sticking to me. It was one of the anime that I was marathoning (before Season Two showed up) after getting thrown off due to my college studies, but it ended up being worth it and as a plus, watching an episode even lifted my spirits up when I was feeling down one day. I had to break down and add plot summaries to the episodes of season two as a start to adding summaries in general. I hope to finish working on this franchise in a good light and I hope Season Two gets better by the episode. (which it is! :D )

Recent Updates

Up to ten recent updates will be recorded in this opening page. I will include a full backlog for the work on the series as a blog.

1/28/2014 - Added all episodes of Season Two so far and gave them summaries and added images. Characters were added on an earlier date.

2/1/2014 - Did Episodes One and Two of Season one and did a character bio for Wooser. Will add more seiyuu tomorrow or Monday since they're absent.

2/20/2014 - Chuuni-senpai was added as well as three additional episodes from the time gap. Seiyuu and Episode 7 was added later on.

2/21/2014 - Episode 7 and the entire summary has been added as well as most of the Seiyuu. Pink Wooser's seiyuu is still not present yet on account of the translation of her name.

2/27/2014 - Oshirase Wooser's name has been changed from her alias in the anime, "Wooser News" by Takashichea due to the discovery of her name's true translation. I filled her page in.

3/17/2014 - Up to Episode 10 of the Awakening Arc has been summarized. Later, all of Season One's summaries as of Episode 4 now have screencaps inserted as well.

3/20/2014 - Had to add a seiyuu from the guest of Episode 11 (Yukari from Girls und Panzer).

3/27/2014 - All televised episodes are summarized! There may be an OVA episode to consider, however.

Please see the discussion thread to talk about the series in general!

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