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I got a new laptop charger! The normal blogs should be back in business now!
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I'm moving out of my hometown, Kansas City, MO later this month, so I'll inform you readers with a glimpse of the city & three lists; 

I don't live in this district, but I have visited there for a reason.
I don't live in this district, but I have visited there for a reason.

Things that I will miss 
1.The Plaza lights- I've been to the KC Plaza when the christmas lights were up a number of times, including last year and when I was about 10 or 11 years old. 
The Plaza Lights
The Plaza Lights

2. Nakakon 2010- That was my first Anime Con ever. I'd upload pictures, but they're all in an SD Card and the computer I'm using dosen't have a slot for it. :(
3. Crown Center- That was pretty much the only mall I remember going to and hanging out with some friends. 
4. "The Timberwolf"- That was the first roller coaster I rode on at the "Worlds of Fun" theme park. Recalling this, I still can't friggin' believe that my own stepdad threw up after that even though the thing had no loops. 
Things I WON'T miss 
1. My high school years- Of corse I had a number of true friends back at before I graduated (which was recently, BTW) and there was some good times, but there was a lot of death, torture, strict curfews, and homemade lurid horror stories involved in those years. I have a gut feeling that my college years will be MUCH better! 
2. A local radio show that must not be named- I used to be addicted to that show up until recently. Please don't ask me anything else about it. 
Things that I'm glad I did before moving 
1. Complete The Super Sup Check on all my WM accounts (except Tested 'cause it dosen't have that quest)- It was crazy, insane, and I'm glad that I did it! 
2. Saw the Plaza Lights once more. 
3. Reached over 10,000 Wiki Points on at least one WM account. 
4. Visited Atlanta, GA: the place that I'm moving to. - I went there for a college visit along with a visit to some of Atlanta's atracttions. 
The next part will me written after I move, so please wish me luck, dear readers. :) 
P.S. Bladering is my nickname as well as my RPG character's first name on AV and CV.
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